Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 2 – How to Complete Week 5 Missions

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Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 2 – How to Complete Week 5 Missions

Week 5 missions are available in Fortnite and they have five different missions that will reward you with a ton of XP when completed. You can check them all in our guide.

Fortnite MEGA: Week 5 Missions

As with the previous weeks, each week 5 mission will give you 12,000 XP each, except for the last one, which will give you 24,000 XP. And when you complete more missions, you also get extra experience.

This time, the weekly Fortnite MEGA challenges ask you to use new and familiar weapons, such as the Thunder Spear and different shotguns. If you need help with Week 5 missions, check out how to complete them below.

When you jump off the bus at the start of the match, you head towards MEGA City. This location is full of Grind Rails, so you won't have any trouble finding one. Alternatively, you can find other Grind Rails on either side of the bridge between Steamy Springs and Kenjutsu Crossing. Land on them and you'll quickly complete this week 5 quest in Fortnite.

You can find plenty of replacement flooring on the island. When you see an item, run towards it and press the button to start sliding when you get close enough. Be ready to collect it so that you can easily complete this mission. If you can't find floor change, just drop an item from your inventory and grab it while sliding; this also allows you to complete the challenge.

The Kinetic Blade is a new weapon introduced in Fortnite MEGA. It allows you to deal significant damage to your enemies with its attacks and quickly cover relatively long distances using the Dash move. To complete this challenge, you must use the blade to travel 500 meters. You will find many kinetic blades at Kenjutsu Crossing, so grab one and use the dedicated button to roam. You can track your progress from the mission menu.

To accomplish this mission, you must use three different types of shotguns. You can choose Havoc Pump, Combat and Maven Auto Shotguns. You can find them as floor replacements or inside chests. Make sure you damage opponents with each of them. You can complete this mission during different battles, so there's no need to rush.

Thunder Spear will sound (and look) familiar to any Attack on Titan fan. These weapons have recently been introduced in Fortnite and are part of various missions. To complete this one, you must first find the Thunder Spears. While they can be collected as a standard chest or floor swap, your best bet is to look for Scout Regiment Footlockers on the island. You won't always find Thunder Spears inside them, but the chances are pretty high. For example, a Scout Regiment Footlocker is hidden inside the Jaeger Family Basement in Anvil Square. Once you get this unique weapon, you must damage enemies with consecutive shots to complete the mission.

If you still need to complete any of the previous missions, you can easily check how to do it in our Week 0, Week 1, Week 2, Week 3 and Week 4 guides.

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