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Final Fantasy XVI - How to Use Stomp Like a Pro

During his adventure in Valisthea in Final Fantasy XVI, Clive can learn a number of Eikon abilities that allow him to make short work of all the enemies he will encounter on his way. Even without these abilities, however, Clive is a force to be reckoned with, as his basic skills still make him powerful if used to his full potential.

One ability that most players who aren't used to action games with characters discount as almost useless is Stomp. On the contrary, it's one of the most useful abilities in the game and one that can open up a lot of interesting combat options.

How to use Stomp Like a Pro in Final Fantasy XVI

Stomp is part of Clive's basic skill set that can be unlocked from the very start of the game. Once unlocked, you can press the jump button near any enemy to increase your jump and height and duration, which on paper doesn't sound particularly useful. However, the ability has several properties that can be used offensively and even defensively.

First, Stomp can be used to extend air combos up to twice when the ability is mastered. By using Stomp at the right time, you can cancel any attack animation, thus resuming the offensive much faster while keeping the enemy in the air. For example, you can shoot an enemy in the air using Torgal's Ravage or any other launcher, use Phoenix Shift to get close to the enemy in the air, use the normal attack string three times, and then press the jump button as soon as the third combo attack connects to the enemy. This will cancel the animation and let you do the basic combo string again, use magic, or some other offensive option. By using this technique correctly, you can even use multiple Downthrusts in the same combo, which can be quite useful, especially if you've upgraded it to unlock Extreme Downthrust, or Burning Blades.

Stom can also be used in Final Fantasy XVI to set up some simple juggling combos. While fighting an enemy in the air, you can use Stomp while holding the control stick back to jump away from the enemy and then use uncharged magic repeatedly to keep it in the air. If you move under it, for example, you can relaunch the enemy with Garuda's Wicked Wheel, or continue juggling with Ramuh's Thunderstorm, giving you some time to also use Blind Justice without interrupting the combo.

Stomp in Final Fantasy XVI also has defensive properties, which work best against larger enemies. What the game doesn't tell you is that Stomp can be used to avoid most attacks if used at the right time. To take an example, the Minotaur's swings can be avoided by using well-timed stomps, allowing you to quickly use Downthrust to get back on the ground and resume the offensive. This works as an excellent last-second defensive maneuver, so if you master it, no enemy will be able to catch you off guard. It's also the less risky defensive option, compared to parry and dodge, as their timings are much tighter. Using defensive Stomps might not be all that flashy, no doubt about that, but if you like to change things up a bit, mastering this technique will make combat even more fun.

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