Dockcase Smart USB-C Hub 10-in-1 Explorer Edition review – great performance, even better looks

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Dockcase Smart USB-C Hub 10-in-1 Explorer Edition review – great performance, even better looks

We have reached a point in technology where USB hubs have become typical. Modern laptops don't come with as many ports as we'd like, and the best way out is to spend money on a good USB hub. But if you look beyond that, you start to realize that even PC and mobile users often need something that can allow them to add more devices to their computers or mobile setups, and with that in mind, Dockcase seems to have a solution with its Smart USB-C Hub 10-in-1 Explorer Edition.

This isn't Dockcase's first rodeo, as the company has released a 7-in-1 USB hub that was reviewed on our website. Although it didn't impress my co-worker that much, this one seems to be doing pretty well so far, except for a few issues I've run into that I'll discuss later in my review.

The Dockcase Smart USB-C Hub is an excellent hub that looks great and gets the job done every time

Now I've been using an OEM USB hub that I received with the HP Envy for a while, it's not much but it gets the job done with its two ports. So when Dockcase contacted me and told me about the 10-in-1 USB hub, I was immediately sold; not only did it look cool, but it also seemed to have all the ports one would need and then some. I spent my weekend testing the USB hub and its various functions on my PC, my laptop and even on my phone to see how it reacts and frankly I'm glad to see that I don't faced a significant problem.

Before I talk further about this Dockcase Smart USB-C Hub 10-in-1 Explorer Edition, I'm going to share some technical details so you can get to know what you're getting with this USB hub.

Now it is safe to say that there are many ports, and regardless of the task, there is one port for everyone. I've only used two on the USB hub and both work fine. That's not to say I didn't try the rest of them, I tried all the ports and apart from HDMI and DisplayPort, everything works fine. That doesn't mean the viewports aren't working. The setup process can be tedious.

So I called it the prettiest USB hub, right? Well, apart from being loaded with ports, the Dockcase 10-in-1 USB Hub also comes with a transparent top, which shows the internals, and while the internals can be boring, there's also a small screen in the middle that shows you all the information like the ports that are currently occupied and even the charging statistics. Below is a picture of the hub connected to my laptop and charging it at the same time.

Speaking of the screen, there's also a D key or control key on the Dockcase 10-in-1 USB hub that lets you control different modes of the hub. The display shows information such as charging speeds, Power Delivery mode, you also have access to the settings for both HDMI and DisplayPort, and the general operation of the D key is super easy. You have to look it up on the website because you don't get a manual in the box. However, I will not criticize the lack of paperwork. Because let's be honest, when was the last time you referred to a manual in the first place? It can be a little overwhelming at first, but once you get the hang of it and learn the button commands, you're good to go.

During nearly a full week of testing the Dockcase 10-in-1 USB hub with various devices, I didn't run into any serious problems. But when I plugged in a Bluetooth dongle I had lying around to see if it would allow connection, I started having problems there. Once connected, my computer detected the dongle, Bluetooth turned on, and I could see my computer in the list of devices as well, but no device I would try to connect would actually connect. The connection will be disconnected or an unknown error will appear. Switching ports didn't help either, and restarting the computer and disconnecting and reconnecting the hub didn't work either. Fortunately, I'm sure almost all modern computers are equipped with Bluetooth, so you don't really have to deal with this, but for the sake of transparency I had to mention it here.

Simply put, the Dockcase Smart USB-C Hub 10-in-1 Explorer Edition is great for anyone who wants a one-stop solution for all their laptop needs. It's small enough to fit in any backpack and works well with multiple devices. It has Power Delivery so you can charge your laptop while it's plugged in, and it gives you access to a screen that may feel gimmicky at first, but it gets the job done just fine. The only real issue I have is that the tempered glass on top is a fingerprint magnet, but other than that I haven't had any problems with the transfer speed, random transfer stops, or the hub shutting down. However, with a retail price of $159.99, it might be a tough sell for people looking for functionality and not looks. The Hub is live on Kickstarter now, and you can save upwards of $50 if you want to get your hands on it.

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