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Disney Dreamlight Valley: Complete Guide!

Our guide to Disney Dreamlight Valley provides useful tips to help you learn the basics of the game, overcome difficult missions and unlock new Disney characters.

you will learn how to earn and use Dreamlight and Star Coins , how to interact with Disney villagers , how to level your friendships with them, and what materials and items you can find in your village to cook, make furniture or sell with profit.

From trickery We show you how to get the most out of Disney Dreamlight Valley.

DISNEY DREAMLIGHT VALLEY: 10 tips to get started

With these Disney Dreamlight Valley tips, you can get started and learn the basics of the game . You will learn how to use the interface effectively, such as getting information from the collection menu or tracking quests . You will also learn how to interact and spend time with the villagers and how to get resources efficiently. These tips will help you maximize your gaming experience and achieve your goals.

1. All the Disney characters

To opt out of getting more characters from launch , you can complete specific quests, such as the Disney Dreamlight Valley Buzz Lightyear quest in the Toy Story Realm, or complete three sock-related quests to unlock Stitch.

2. Codes at Disney Dreamlight Valley

The Disney Dreamlight Valley codes are an in-game feature that allows players to unlock exclusive items by entering a specific code in a specific in-game menu. Now there is only one code available in the game , which gives players a quest item, a golden potato, but it is unknown what it is for. If you need to know how to enter a code or want to see a list of all available codes, our guide will help you find out.

3. All cooking recipes

There are 164 recipes to cook in Disney Dreamlight Valley . For this reason, we've put together a list of ingredient lists so you can make your own. Food is usually eaten for Recover energy , but you can also sell it for Profit, so we've also made a list of some of the best recipes in the game to recover energy and make money. Here are three of the recipes you need:

4. How energy works

As you use your tools in Disney Dreamlight Valley, your energy bar will gradually deplete and you will need to refill it if you want to continue using your tools.

Food and rest are the best options for recovering energy, but you can find all the details about how energy works in our guide. If you want to know more about how to fill your energy bar, how to increase it or what to do if it runs out, our guide will give you all the information you need.

5. Earn star coins

Disney Dreamlight Valley Star Coins are the main in-game currency , and you need them to pay for all kinds of things, from clothes and furniture to houses for other villagers. Earning Star Coins in the early stages of the game can be slow, so our guide will help you learn how to make Star Coins quickly.

6. Get dreamy lights

Disney Dreamlight Valley Dreamlight is another currency you will find in the game. or, and used to unlock new areas , whether village biomes in the valley or kingdoms in the dream castle. What you will gradually earn by completing challenges while doing anything in the valley is similar to Nook Miles from Animal Crossing: New Horizons.

These challenges can include things like collecting certain items, making certain recipes, or interacting with villagers . If you want to explore more of the game and unlock new areas, it's important that you work hard to earn Dreamlight.

7. Fast travel

Walking can be very slow in Disney Dreamlight Valley, so knowing how unlocking and using fast travel can help you save a lot of time . When you unlock a new area of the village, getting the wishing well up and running should be one of your first priorities.

If you wish , you can fast travel to any location in the village you've previously visited, saving you time and effort.

8. Upgrade your house and warehouse

Storage space is limited when you first start playing Disney Dreamlight Valley, and you'll quickly fill your storage box and backpack at home as you collect as many resources as you can. For this reason, it is important that you know how to improve your Disney Dreamlight Valley home , as this will also improve your storage box. You can learn more storage tips in our guide, with which you will know how to optimize your storage space and get the most out of the space you have.

9. Founder's Packs

If you want to play Disney Dreamlight Valley during the Early Access period , you must purchase one of the Founders Packs. These Disney Dreamlight Valley Founder's Packs contain a variety of extras, including clothing, furniture and lots of moon rocks.

These Founders packages are available at different levels and offer different benefits , so be sure to review each option carefully before making a decision. However, please note that Early Access is not required to play the game, it is only an option for those who wish to gain early access to the game and the exclusive benefits that Founder's Packs offer.

10. Multiplayer

There is currently no multiplayer mode in Disney Dreamlight Valley, but the developers at Gameloft have plans to add it in the near future. Multiplayer is not expected to be released anytime soon, as it looks set to be added to the game in 2023 at the earliest . However, we look forward to testing it when it is added. It is important to note that the game is in Early Access and still in development, so it is likely that new features and functions will be added as development progresses.


real tools

One of the first tasks you need to complete in Disney Dreamlight Valley is to get all the real tools . These essential items are scattered around the starting area of the plaza and will require some exploration to obtain.

find algae

Disney Dreamlight Valley Seaweed They appear in various quests in the game, as they are needed to make fiber. Sometimes the fiber needs to be turned into rope. They're also used in a variety of recipes, but you can't just dive into the ocean to get them. Instead, you have to use the fishing rod to catch them. It is important to note that fishing requires patience and skill, so you may need some practice before you can catch algae. However, our guide will help you learn everything you need to know about fishing and how to catch seaweed in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

mysterious cave puzzle

Once you've unlocked Dazzle Beach and started the quest "With Great Power…" , you'll meet Ursula and finally you'll enter a cave to solve three puzzles from the Disney Dreamlight Valley Mysterious Cave .

These puzzles aren't particularly difficult to solve , but they will force you to get some different things that you might not know how to get.

find emeralds

There are several quests in Disney Dreamlight Valley that require you to obtain emeralds to craft magical items. Mickey will ask you for one as part of the "Memory Magnification" quest, and Kristoff will ask for two for the "Lost In The Dark Grove" quest to save Donald Duck. .

Dig up clay and rich soil

There are several crafting recipes and quests in Disney Dreamlight Valley that require you to collect a large amount of clay. Obtaining this material is highly dependent on luck, but you need to make sure you dig your shovel in the right places to get it. It is important to mention that clay is mainly found in areas close to water, such as rivers, lakes and coasts.

Like clay , fertile soil is another material that can be used in crafting and is needed for certain missions . However, it is not as easy to obtain as clay since you have to plant and then harvest to get it.

Get the falling water and the ice heart

for the quest "Merlin's Final Test" they will ask you to collect falling water and ice heart ingredients from Disney Dreamlight Valley to make an enhanced magic salve for your paddle. These ingredients are only available for this quest and can't be used for anything else, so they aren't rare or hidden items you haven't stumbled upon yet.

It is important to mention that these ingredients are hard to find and you may have to look for them in certain places to complete the quest.

find snowballs

If you want to make winter decorations and furniture or need to fulfill some snow-related character requests, get some snow globes from Disney Dreamlight Valley . You can find them in Frozen Heights, or you can also dig them up in the same area. It is important to mention that snow globes are only useful for making winter decorations and furniture, they cannot be used as weapons or for other purposes. Our guide will help you learn everything you need to know about how to get snowballs in Disney Dreamlight Valley to create your winter decorations and fulfill the requests of the characters.

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