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Diablo 4: How to beat the Elijah Boss

Diablo 4: How to beat the boss Elijah. In Diablo 4, Elijah plays a crucial role as one of the main enemies. He is responsible for reviving Lilith , so it is not for games. Throughout the campaign , you will meet Elijah twice : the first will be a simple fight, so you shouldn't need our guide; just dodge and use potions sparingly and you'll be fine. The second battle is much more challenging and you may need some help to get through it. .

At this point in the story, you'll be pretty far along in your adventure, having faced bosses like Astaroth, Brol, and Andariel, so you'll have a good idea of ​​what to expect. In this guide you will find everything you need to beat Elijah in Diablo 4 .

How to beat the boss Elijah in Diablo 4

The hunt for Lilith is what drives most of the events of Diablo 4, but the Mother of Sanctuary does not operate alone. . From the beginning it becomes clear that he is aided by a loyal servant in the form of the Pale Man, also known as Elias, a former member of the Horadrim. With her support, she is able to influence people's minds and start her regime of corruption.

Therefore, it becomes increasingly imperative for players to hunt down Elias and hold him accountable for his actions. However, this is no easy task, and as we will see in the events of Acts 3 and 5, the battle to defeat Elijah in Diablo 4 requires patience and skill. . Fortunately, with this guide on how to beat Elijah in Diablo 4 , it should be a more bearable task.

Who is Elijah in Diablo 4

During the game, players will get more information about Elias. Lorath will reveal that he was a former disciple obsessed with acquiring greater knowledge and power. , and he wasn't entirely happy with the direction things were taking the Horadrim.

Driven by visions of a better future under Lilith's leadership , it is Elijah's actions that trigger the events of Diablo 4. This puts players on a collision course with this skilled enemy.

How to defeat Elijah in Diablo 4

To put an end to this adversary, it is crucial to understand the scope of this challenging task. Players will encounter Elijah repeatedly , but due to his immortality , defeating him becomes an impossible task until the secret of his immortality is revealed. .

During the "Through The Veil" mission, players will reach the shrine of Lilith and eventually meet the enigmatic Elijah. , which will drop with surprising ease. Unsurprisingly, this will not be his last encounter, as there will be two other clashes throughout the sanctuary.

Instead of him being the main threat, it's the monsters that support Elias that represent the biggest dangers in this act, especially for players playing solo. Eventually, he will manage to escape to fight another day.

After Elijah's mummified finger is cremated, his immortality is void, and thus the real battle begins in Act 5. , "Into the Abyss". Elias presents himself as a formidable foe, equipped with powerful magical spells and the ability to summon ferocious hordes to do his bidding. Players must constantly be aware of his position on the battlefield and divide their attention towards the odds as much as possible.

The ranged attacks he throws are usually avoidable, but that's the least of the worries. These are his notable AoE attacks :

  • Spreads small drops of blood over the battlefield . So it is advisable to dodge to the page at all times.
  • Performs attacks in the form of circular waves, indicated by visible rings on the ground.
  • Spreads three waves of blood in the shape of a clover on the ground.

You must move carefully between the blood vessels if you want to avoid taking serious damage. . The trick here is to stay constantly on the move and attack from a distance whenever possible. Playing as a necromancer makes things easy , as your minions can handle most of the heavy lifting, but you have to be careful not to get too close, no matter which class you choose.

Elias' area of effect attack will follow your character as you move, and his path will sometimes consist of three consecutive hits, which can deal a lot of damage if you're not careful.

Elias health bar is divided into three parts and you can drink health drinks at the end of each . Don't forget to heal yourself every chance you get, as his attacks can do a lot of damage to your health.

The boss fight is not particularly difficult if you are patient and careful with your movements and attacks. , but Elias' attacks hit with great force, and if you underestimate their impact, you may find yourself starting over and over again.

But if you follow our tips above, you can easily dominate the Elijah boss fight in Diablo 4.

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