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Diablo 4: How to beat the boss Duriel

Diablo 4 How to beat the boss Duriel . With a rich history, the Diablo series has had plenty of time to develop his legacy, resulting in truly outstanding world-building and storytelling over the years. At the center of it all are the Primes Evils and the land known as Sanctuary, so it's no surprise that they're somehow being explored anew in Diablo 4.

In addition to the actual kingdoms of Sanctuary, familiar faces can also be seen on a recurring basis in the game. While Lilith and Inarius remain the protagonists of the story, there is room for other characters and factions to fuel the nostalgia of the series veterans with their presence, including enemies that get in the way of the players. For those looking for help when faced in Diablo 4 How to beat the boss Duriel, this guide is the solution. .

How to beat the boss Duriel in Diablo 4

Duriel takes over as the final boss in Act 2 of the game. His cave is located in the Kehjistan region. in the Chamber of Tal Rasha, although it is necessary to use the Horadric Staff to access it. As soon as you enter the chamber, you will be directly confronted by Duriel, who greets you with the provocative question "In search of Baal?"

Duriel will appear in the final act of Diablo 4 as an obstacle in the quest to gain access to Hell itself, where Lilith is carrying out the next phase of her plans. With his imposing stature and fearsome arm blades, Duriel is an imposing sight.

Important attacks include :

  • When you plunge into the ground, Duriel gains immunity to damage. and steps forward in a more strategic position. Take advantage of this time to heal and restore yourself before the battle resumes.
  • Duriel's toxic regurgitation can lead to many mishaps. on the battlefield, so try to avoid the puddles and move quickly to spread their attacks .
  • Duriel has the ability to engulf the player and deal significant damage . This move is announced by stomping, so keep some distance from the boss and be ready to dodge left or right .
  • Aside from these offensive actions, Duriel is a tenacious opponent, which adds further difficulty to the fight. If you're playing a melee character like a druid or barbarian, make sure you keep moving all the time to avoid his normal melee attacks . For ranked characters like an archer or sorcerer, maintaining good health is essential to stay in the fight. Defeat the Lord of Pain and the path to Lilith will be cleared considerably.

Strategy: How to defeat the boss Duriel in Diablo 4

Duriel represents one of the toughest challenges in Diablo 2. . Despite his imposing size, his speed and ability to deal damage is astonishing. Additionally, the confrontation takes place in a small room, with the only escape option being to open a city portal . This situation makes this boss a difficult task to defeat, especially considering his Holy Freeze Aura. After besting Duriel for the first time, in the second encounter it is advisable to lure him into a larger room to give yourself more space during the fight. Additionally, it is advisable to have a retinue of allies and your mercenary to distract him. Remember that Duriel can take them down in just a few hits, but at least they'll give you enough time to open a city portal. Cold-based attacks are also effective against Duriel, as they can slow his movements. . If possible, try to attack him from a distance. If you play as a melee class.

When you manage to defeat him, a wall will collapse, allowing you to move forward and explore Tal Rasha's inner chamber. .

Who is Duriel in Diablo 4

Duriel introduces himself as Lord of Pain, like his sister Andariel. . As the Lord of Pain, it is clear that this demon delights in destroying humanity and causing mortal pain to those who stand in his way. Although formerly a faithful servant of Diablo , Duriel appears in Diablo 4 as one of Lilith's main generals, and it is necessary to properly defeat him to advance the story. .

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