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Diablo 4: Fast Travel and how to unlock transporters

Diablo 4: Fast Travel and How to Unlock Transporters . Fast travel in Diablo 4 is a very useful tool to have at your disposal , as the vast world of Sanctuary requires a lot of time to navigate between the different regions as you progress. In Diablo 4, you'll find many important vendors and services that you need to visit regularly, and the last thing you want is to spend a lot of time going back and forth to them while dealing with countless enemy encounters along the way. From the location of the reference markers to a detailed explanation of how the transporters of the city work, we offer you all the information about Diablo 4: Fast Travel and How to Unlock Transporters .

Diablo 4: Fast Travel and How to Unlock Transporters

Fractured Peaks is the first main area that players can explore in Diablo 4. , and it will be very recognizable to those who spent a lot of time testing ahead of the game's release. As they venture into dungeons and excavations, and discover Shrines of Lilith to improve their stats, players will find that this region itself is quite large, especially if they haven't unlocked a mount yet .

This is why it is important to locate and activate fast travel points as soon as possible. . These will be of utmost importance regardless of which region you are in.

How to unlock fast travel in Diablo 4

Access to fast travel in Diablo 4 is unlocked by reaching Kyovashad, which requires going through the main story and defeating the first boss and completing the corresponding dungeon.

When you arrive in Kyovashad, head towards the heart of the city where you will discover the first landmark . On the map, the landmarks They are identified with the symbol of a triangle in a circle. .

Location of all transporters in Diablo 4

There are a total of seven waypoints in Diablo 4 for fast travel on the Fractured Peaks. . Each town or village has a number of non-playable characters that offer sales services and side quests.

Here is the information about the waypoints and fast travel points in Diablo 4's Fractured Peaks:

  • Kyovashad: This is the main city of the region , with various non-playable characters that offer unique mechanics and features. You will arrive at this location during the first 10 minutes of the campaign .
  • Nevesk : Speaking of starting the campaign, Nevesk is the first town you'll visit in the early stages. The inhabitants will be destroyed and you will have to leave the place. However , when you activate the Kyovashad transporter, the Nevesk portal will appear on your map .
  • Yelesna : You go to Yelesna as part of the main quest. In fact , you'll probably use this fast travel point often because of nearby targets .
  • Nostrava : This is a rather special point of interest in Diablo 4, as it is a fortress. Basically , it's a city infested with demons that you have to cleanse . Only after doing so will it be unlocked as a fast travel point or village.
  • needs : This is a small village located in the northwestern part of the area.
  • Margrave : Another small village, this one to the south.
  • Bear Tribe Refuge : Surprisingly, in the northeastern part of the region, this is the only fast travel location available .

How to use fast travel portals in Diablo 4

In Diablo 4, once you've unlocked a city's fast travel portal, such as Kyovashad, the city's portals will automatically activate. These portals allow you to travel quickly and have unlimited use. They act as an ability, and you can open a city portal by pressing the T key or the down button on the D-pad .

City portals in Diablo 4 are a useful tool for getting to the nearest city. They work in both directions, but remember you can't leave the city or the portal will disappear.

For every waypoint you unlock in Diablo 4, you will receive 20 reward points for the region you are in. Achieving enough prestige and exceeding certain limits will give you additional rewards such as talent points, experience, gold and other benefits. That's why it's important to unlock all the fast travel portals in the five main cities of Diablo 4.

Here you have all the necessary information about Diablo 4: Fast Travel and How to Unlock Transporters . If you want more content related to the game, we recommend checking out our other guides.

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