Destiny 2 Umbral Incursions and Umbral Flames Tips

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Destiny 2 Umbral Incursions and Umbral Flames Tips

Complete the Umbral Raids, Umbral Flames, and Umbral Infiltration Fragments quests in Destiny 2 to gain more options for strengthening the Subclass of Darkness. In addition to Stasis Skins, you can also get more buffs from Shards.

To get all the rewards for the new Darkness Subclass in Destiny 2, you must complete the quests Umbral Infiltration, Umbral Flames, and Umbral Infiltration Stasis Fragments.

These extracts allow you to add bonus effects to the Stasis ability . To complete these missions effectively, here are some tips and strategies that can help you achieve it.

Please note that although the requirements for these missions have been lowered since launch, they can still be challenging.

How to get Destiny 2 Stasis Shards

After completing the "Born in the Dark" mission in Destiny 2, you will gain access to exo stranger missions that unlock Shards. These missions can have objectives in Strikes, Crucible or Gambit . Here we will focus on the Vanguard missions in Strikes, the easiest ones.

Objectives can include killing champions with stasis damage, landing final blows with stasis, or taking down slowed combatants. Some players are reporting some inconsistencies with these goals, but these one-off bugs are being fixed.

Speed up kills with the right gear and Exotics

Tips for Destiny 2: Use the Traveler's Chosen, an exotic weapon that recharges your abilities, available from the exotic weapon counter in the Tower. This will improve the number of stasis kills. Alternatively , Salvation's Grip, an exotic grenade launcher from Beyond Light, which kills by fragmentation, but is not considered an ability and is not very powerful as a finisher. Consider using it as a setup weapon.

Run Blind Well to kill as fast as possible (with full gear)

Some missions ask you to complete a list of Strikes , but Threshold missions are generally flexible and allow you to choose any Strike. This is useful if you are playing with two friends as you can choose The Corrupted Strike in the Dreaming City and instead of playing Strike, travel to the blind well and kill the enemies there. Blind Well is full of squishy enemies and the orb mechanic gives you functionally unlimited Supers, making it perfect for any ability. However, everyone on your team needs to be on board with this plan, as playing regular Strike moves everyone forward.

Get champion kills on higher difficulties

To withdraw from your To kill specific champions, you must be playing on Hero difficulty or higher on Dusk. There are more winners on higher difficulties, but make sure you have an appropriate power level. It is also important to equip the correct anti-master mods from the seasonal artifact or use weapons that have these mods in them.

play through Nightfall Strike until you reach a checkpoint with champions. Damage champions to low health, freeze them with a stasis ability, and kill them with a final blow. Killing champions with stasis advances the Umbral quest.

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