Depulso's Riddle Room at Hogwarts' Legacy

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Depulso's Riddle Room at Hogwarts' Legacy

Depulso's Riddle Room at Hogwarts' Legacy . The Herodian or Depulso Rooms of Hogwarts Legacy present challenging puzzles that may require help to solve.

Hogwarts Castle is home to many secret chambers, but none as intricate and confusing as the Herodian Chamber of Riddles. During the Halls of Herodian quest, you will be asked to use the Depulso spell . While this is technically true, it's a bit tricky since you also have to use the Accio spell to an equal extent.

These puzzles can be quite difficult, but don't worry! We are here to help you with Depulso's Riddle Room at Hogwarts Legacy location and solutions

Depulso's enigmatic rooms at Hogwarts and how to solve their riddles

After completing the main quest "Urtkot's Helm", you will have the opportunity to have a chat with Sophronia Franklin , located in the Astronomy Wing of the Hogwarts grounds. There she will share the story of Herodiana Byrne, a skilled user of the "Depulso" spell. , who created a hidden gym at Hogwarts.

Unfortunately, Poppy isn't in her third year, which means she can't learn the "Depulse" spell. , but you can visit the training room. Luckily , we're fifth-year students, so she asks us to get Herodian's exclusive outfit for her to see. . Once the conversation is over, follow the quest marker until you reach a secret entrance, then use the "Depulse" spell to gain access.

How to solve the first Herodian puzzle in Hogwarts' Legacy

Players will already have some prior knowledge of the Accio and Depulso spells thanks to their teachers, and both spells are among the most prominent in Hogwarts lore. The first puzzle in the Herodian Room is simply a practical exercise. All players need to do is use Depulso to push the metal blocks against the back wall and climb up. . At the end , players will be able to find the Herodian Cloak , a cosmetic item that can be used on your gear, in a chest.

How to solve the second Herodic puzzle in Hogwarts' Legacy

The second puzzle in The Herodian Room presents an additional level of technique. Players must use Accio on the blocks on the right and pull them towards the left wall. This will connect them to the block on the left wall. Next , players must use Depulso to push the three blocks towards the back wall and then use Accio to remove them towards the right wall. At this point, players will be able to scale the blocks and acquire the Herodian outfit. .

Players do not need to have honed magical combat skills in Hogwarts Legacy, as there are no enemies in the Herodic Room. However, there is a chance that players will be knocked unconscious if they accidentally disturb the moving blocks, so it's a good idea to throw Accio from a safe distance.

How to solve the second Herodic puzzle in Hogwarts' Legacy

The third and definitive riddle of the Herodian Room is presented as the most intricate. Players must use Accio to pull the blocks to the right and then use Depulso to propel them towards the block with the switch. . Players can scale the blocks on the left wall, then use Accio to remove the blocks to form a path for them to cross.

Afterwards, players will be able to ascend and acquire the Herodian Hat .

To complete this mission, players simply exit the chamber and return to Sophronia Franklin to show her the outfit. . Interestingly, players do not need to use Hogwarts' Legacy Transmogrification ability to change the appearance of their gear with Herodian cosmetics.

If players choose to show it to Sophronia, she'll be happy to see it no matter what they're wearing, and players will be able to earn XP for their Hogwarts Legacy adventures.

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