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Dead Space Z-Ball: All rewards

The lockers in Dead Space give you valuable rewards if you want to be well equipped such as credits, ammo and even upgrade nodes. However, they are not required to complete the game and there are no exclusive rewards that can only be obtained through them. If you want to learn about the rewards available and how to get them, I'll give you the information.

Dead Space Z-Ball Rewards

A DeadSpace Recreate six different Z-Ball rewards that are unlocked as levels are completed. These rewards are:

Our Z-Ball rewards in Dead Space Remake are unlocked in the fair that completes the levels and its meaning varies. Although the initial rewards are not that important, the most valuable are the Ruby Semiconductors, as they provide a large amount of credits and the ability to obtain new nodes to improve your color and weapons.

In fact, if you sell Semiconductor, you get the exact amount to buy another node or for a more expensive purchase like a weapon upgrade scheme. These rewards are in the sealed lockers directly in front of you as you exit the arena , unlocking each time you complete a round.

In summary, it is recommended to complete the Z-Ball challenge in Chapter 10 when you get the chance , as the rewards are valuable and will help prepare you for the tougher challenges ahead in the story, especially when you face the Dead Space Marker. Get the most out of the loot you can, avoid the baby tentacles in the Z-Ball arena and sell the Semiconductor as soon as possible.

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