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Dead Space Remake Review

Dead Space Remake   is the new EA game that has arrived today Friday (27) for Playstation 5 ( PS5), Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S and PC . the title brings structural changes compared to the 2008 classic , but without respecting his history. Diving into the new generation, Dead Space maintains the original story but with interesting twists.

The main ship is the USG Ishimura , which can now be explored more freely, but is still scary. There are also improvements to the Necromorphs dismemberment system, the ability to fly in zero-gravity zones , in addition to the visual part, which is completely updated.

With a very smooth gameplay and a narrative told from a sequential recording . To further add to the immersion, the "new" Dead Space will arrive as a strong name in 2023, which will also include r and interpretations of other horror classics, such as Resident Evil 4 and Silent Hill. 2.

The classic plot is maintained, although Isaac is more involved.

Dead Space takes place on the spaceship USG Ishimura , which is in an alert state and has several errors on your system. These problems are related to the Necromorphs, humanoid creatures that wiped out a large part of the population. The player controls Isaac Clarke, an engineer who comes to the ship for a simple routine visit and ends up trapped in a "haunted house" of sorts.

The main plot does not bring major changes. This is even a way to maintain the originality of the title, which is already changing a lot in other aspects, such as the setting and the gameplay . Isaac searches for Dr. Nicole Brennan, his girlfriend and survivor of the attack, while repairing parts of the Ishimura in order to get out of the ship alive. To do this, he is guided by Kendra Daniels and Zach Hammond , Isaac's teammates who guide the Engineer on his missions, just like in the original.

An important difference in the narrative compared to the original game is the interaction between the main character with his companions and with the environment. If in 2008 he did not speak and basically only received orders, in this version the character assumes the role of the main actor and reacts to what is happening around him. Clarke is active in communication, making suggestions and comments on the situation.

Here it is also worth mentioning that EA has added more details about the Dead Space universe . Information about the Ishimura, side stories about people who managed to escape from the Necromorphs or even observations about the development of related cases are part of the game's story, which strongly encourages you to explore the ship. Another important news is the presence of an alternative ending for those who want to return to the game in New Game +.

structural changes

Horror games in general tend to place a high value on linearity. After all, how do you maintain the intensity of a story that relies on jump scares and needs the player immersed at all times to make sense? 2008's Dead Space follows this direction, with Isaac following the guidelines step by step, advancing Ishimura as the missions are given.

Already in the remake, this need to follow a straight path no longer exists. Daniels and Hammond lead the protagonist into the main plot, urging him to hurry and outline the paths he must follow. Nevertheless, there is a semi-open world inside the ship that can be explored at will.

Another important aspect of the experience is the sequence plan used in the game. You are from start to finish in one third-person camera "fixed" to Isaac , even during cinema. Thus, the immersion is guaranteed, and if the player does not die in the process, it is possible to play everything at once, without cuts. There are no loads of pauses in gameplay, for example, which the technology of the new generation of consoles brings.

In combat, the developers highlighted the demolition system, thoughtfully and with more visual details. It is possible to see how close it is to destroying a Necromorph's leg or arm, making the user's life easier, especially in situations with many enemies nearby. Philippe and David de also highlighted the communication of Isaac, who now talks about directions and reacts to the environment.

The changes continue with the additional lore details, also mentioned above, and the ability to "fly" in zero-gravity zones , which provides yet another gameplay option to perform missions already known from the classic game

Explore and survive

The remake expands on the ishimura scan . It's now possible to travel through terminals on a train, return to previously visited rooms to unlock other paths, and complete side missions to learn more about what's going on with the ship and its crew. And between loud scares and surprising ghouls, these visits are always different.

In this tour, the classic dead space combat is back, with the dismemberment of enemies and the need to strategize with the plasma cutter and other weapons. By finding many Necromorphs in a room, for example, you can slow their movements with stasis , control and throw objects as opponents and then kill them or even momentarily change the focus of the fight.

It is important to take the environment into account in order to find combat options . There is plenty of ammo available in Ishimura, but you may not be able to find magazines or shops to restock for a while.

The Necromorphs present in the game are the same as the classics , with variations of attack, resistance and also movement. In all cases, the advice is to split them up, always. That's because one headshot or multiple shots in a row is useless: enemies survive and continue to attack, leaving Isaac in a difficult situation.

To avoid trouble (and not run out of ammo), it's important to l Fight strategically, shooting at his arms and legs (if any) to delay his attack and eventually kill him. But in some situations, other tools can be used, such as the flamethrower, which is quite important for some types of necromorphs.

There are even some puzzles surrounding Ishimura that must be solved to complete the missions. An interesting example is the feeding boxes , where one should choose which circuits are to be activated from among a few options . It may be necessary to turn off the light or oxygen to open a door and move forward (not without having to kill a few necromorphs in the midst of these difficulties).

Leaving zero gravity also allows Isaac to perform some "flying" missions , which is necessary to find oxygen refill stations to stay away from, as well as defeating enemies while floating.

Ishimura 'alive', Isaac more human and news

In addition to offering different rooms to explore, the ship in the game brings new properties that make it "alive". Necromorphs can appear from almost anywhere, and the tension is constant even in relatively quiet settings. That's because there are creaking walls, falling parts, things going through the vent, and even screams from survivors being attacked.

Within a few moments, the ship turns off virtually all of its lights, and it is possible to hear a loud noise indicating the return of the generator. Meanwhile , some Necromorphs can be seen attacking Isaac.

The Engineer, with all the renovations that make him even more of a main character in the story, also shows some interesting signs. After a scare, rapid heartbeat, gasps and even some complaints are heard. Similarly, when Isak breaks boxes or stomps on enemies, Isak also reacts with shouts. . These details may be minimal, but they bring the player closer to Ishimura and guarantee greater immersion.

A graphical terms platforms, change is marked either. It could not be otherwise, as there is a 15 year difference between the two releases. With the new generation of consoles, EA reworked the mechanics with the Frostbite engine, which also made Isaac's movements more fluid.

The settings were darkened and the lighting was quite realistic, mainly due to the ability to run with Ray Tracing on PS5 and Xbox Series X/S . EA released cinematic comparisons between the two versions of the game, which make this easy to see.

Two are also worth mentioning. features on PS5 that enhance the immersive experience of DeadSpace Remake . Haptic sensors allow increased intensity when shooting enemies, smashing crates or even feeling Ishimura's tremors. In addition, it is recommended to play with headphones to enjoy the console's 3D sound. That way, you'll be able to identify which side the Necromorph is coming from, scare you even more with the sound it makes around you, and feel Isaac's heartbeat as if it were your own.


In an age with so many remakes released and planned, Dead Space is presented as an example to be followed by other studios looking to succeed with their remakes. . The game was indeed remade, but always faithfully followed the plot. The immersive and intense experience was maintained, even with the sandbox style, which gives the player the freedom to come and go as they please. The exploration has been expanded and there is more interesting information about the story to discover.

The game focuses on terror, but it is not limited to unnecessary doing. Isaac's death shows a lot of blood, decapitation, loss of limbs, among other examples. Still, it's not the same visual violence as in other titles, such as The Callisto Protocol, a game inspired by the Motive Studios classic that had one of the creators of Dead Space in development.

At the same time , the fight focuses on the violence of Isaac by demanding the division of the opponents . You use weapons that are actually important maintenance and engineering tools, so the solutions are to cut, saw, or blast the Necromorphs. And visually, this system of the naked I got a lot by showing different layers on the arms and legs of the enemies. This facilitates the process and allows you to formulate a strategy without much difficulty.

In addition, the settings of the new version of Dead Space allow an intense game, where the player can simply erase the title in one shot. According to Philippe and David, "The expectation is that some players can go through the whole game and say: 'I didn't realize it was dark already! I started in the morning" (laughs). match.

Dead Space Remake arrives today Friday (27) for PS5, Xbox Series X/S and PC (via Steam). The experience is new and deserves to be reinterpreted, something that is sometimes trivialized in the gaming industry. So, if you've already played the classic, you won't regret exploring Ishimura even more in this new version. . New users, meanwhile, will get a complete title and at the same time remember a title that marked an era on PlayStation 3 (PS3), Xbox 360 and PC.

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