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Dead Island 2: How to use ability cards

Dead Island 2: How to Use Ability Cards . Dead Island 2 abilities come in the form of cards, which give your character more moves, abilities and buffs. . Within these cards are Autophage abilities, which provide significant advantages and disadvantages, so it's important to choose them carefully to get the most benefit.

As you progress through the game, you will find many ability cards in Dead Island 2 that you will unlock with each level up. . At first, you'll have a limited number of cards, but as you continue to play, you'll have access to a wide variety of options that can completely change the way your character and weapons work in Dead Island 2. Listed below are all the skill cards we have found for the Survival, Assassin, Numan and General Skills categories. We will provide a detailed explanation of how they work, and hopefully this will give you a better understanding of how to customize your character's abilities.

Autophage ability card in Dead Island 2

The autofag powers in Dead Island 2 can be considered abilities that have some kind of associated curse that is unlocked later . In exchange for giving buffs that improve certain abilities, there's a sort of negative trade-off that reduces something else. . For example, you may have increased damage, but at the expense of your health. Or you can gain Fury faster while attacking, but lose it quickly when you don't.

In addition, equipping multiple autofag cards also provides more general character-wide effects, which stack and vary based on the number of cards equipped.

  • If you equip a single autofag card, your character will have an increase in the strength and duration of Fury mode, as well as restoring rage when killing zombies. However, this will be offset by a reduction in stamina. .
  • If you equip two autofag cards, your character will be able to recover resistance when attacking after a kill, and will also have increased rage mode duration and the rain of rage on kills. But stamina regeneration will be reduced .
  • In the case of the three autophagy letters , your character will have even greater benefits, such as increased health and damage on kill , an even longer duration of Fury mode, and increased Fury rain when killing zombies. However, this will come with the disadvantage that health regeneration will stop. and healing items will have less effectiveness.

Ability cards in Dead Island 2

The ability cards in Dead Island 2 represent your basic combat abilities. , and are responsible for skills such as blocking or dodging, special attacks, among others.

The choice of these cards depends entirely on your playstyle, as there are defensive, aggressive and varied options with area or targeted effects. Avoid dodging is recommended over blocking as it always gets you out of the way, even if it takes a long time to stun a zombie.

Below is a summary of all the ability cards we unlock in Dead Island 2.

Defense skills in Dead Island 2

  • Block : You can use L1/LB to block attacks . If you manage to land a perfectly timed block, you can restore stamina and stun zombies.
  • Dodge : You can also use L1/LB to dodge attacks . If you execute a perfectly timed dodge, you can regain stamina and stun zombies. This ability is unlocked at level 9.

Jump Kick Skill

  • throw kick : To perform an effective jump kick, first jump and then press the R3/RS button. This technique allows you to deliver a powerful kick that can even send zombies flying.
  • Flying Kick : To perform a powerful jump kick, jump and press the R3/RS button.

special attack ability

  • War Cry : Press R1/RB and L1/LB to improve your stamina and reduce the strength of nearby enemies.
  • ground pound : Pounds the ground and reduces the stability of nearby enemies by pressing R1/RB and L1/LB.
  • strike strike : Launch an attack on your enemies to weaken them by pressing R1/RB and L1/LB.

rage skill

  • Blood Rush : Gain Fury by making successful counterattacks.
  • Surgical Focus (Autophage) : Gain Rage by dealing damage to zombies, but you will lose Fury if you take damage.
  • Street Brawler (Autophage) : Attacking gives you Fury, but Fury will decrease unless full.
  • Served Cold : Use the "Served Cold" ability to gain Fury by blocking attacks or taking damage.

rage special attack skills

  • Overhead Smash : Press R1/RB in Fury mode to perform a heavy ground slam.
  • Scream : Press R1/RB while in Fury mode to emit a scream that weakens enemies.
  • Spitting Cobra : Press R1/RB while in Fury mode to unleash a caustic vomit attack.

Survival card in Dead Island 2

The wide selection of Survival Ability cards in Dead Island 2 allows you to fine-tune your abilities to gain advantages in different playstyles. These cards provide significant bonus effects to dodge, block, and special attacks. , which can improve health regeneration, add status effects, and change cooldowns.

  • Pain Threshold : When you block or dodge, you will take a small damage increase.
  • Warhead (Carla and Ryan only): Drop Kick attack causes an explosion that affects the enemy's stability.
  • wrecking : Ball Flying kicks weaken enemies.
  • Hot-footed (Autophage) : Drop Kick attack sets zombies on fire but drains your health at the same time.
  • Vivisuction : Perform a Dash to hit enemies and restore health.
  • rally cry : With War Cry, all players are healthy and negative status effects are removed.
  • Blockbuster : If you time your blocks well, explosions will be generated that affect the stability of the enemy.
  • Lightning Strike (Autophage) : Dash Strike's attack electrifies enemies but reduces your health.
  • Shin Shrapnel : Surprise attack does more damage and can send enemies flying.
  • Quake : Ground Pound attacks have more power and can launch enemies into the air.
  • SafeSpace : When using medkits, an explosion is generated that affects the stability of nearby zombies.
  • Fuse Shorts : Activate Fury mode when the gauge is more than half full.
  • Pain Magazine : Time blocks or dodges to charge up the Curveball.
  • invigorating : Counterattacks allow you to restore more health.
  • steadfast : Perform chain locks to increase your toughness and strength.
  • Flare-Up (Autophage) : Ground Pound attack sets enemies on fire but drains your health.
  • Greased Pig : You will automatically break free if you are grabbed by an enemy.

Assassin skill card in Dead Island 2

Dead Island 2 Killer Ability Cards are similar to survival cards in that they provide upgrades and stat effects when you use specific attacks, but focus on special attacks and rage.

  • skull spear : Cause an explosion by hitting a zombie on the head with a throwable weapon.
  • Relentless : Slightly increases damage when attacking downed enemies.
  • Heavy Hitter (Autophage) : Heavy attacks have more power but use health.
  • Surgeon : Damage increases against maimed enemies.
  • Janus Rage : Toughness increases by a full Fury meter, while damage increases by a partial.
  • The Limb Reaper : Regain health by maiming enemies.
  • No Mercy : Increase damage when attacking enemies affected by a status.
  • Far From Done (Carla and Ryan only) : Blocking or taking damage in quick succession increases the damage.
  • Hammer Fist : Dash Strikes gain a strength buff and can send enemies flying.
  • clear lines of sight : Knocking down enemies increases the damage of thrown or ranged weapons.
  • breakdancer : Slide attack increases agility and attack speed.
  • Pyro (Autophage) : In Fury mode, attacks fuel zombies but consume more Fury.
  • Volatile (Autophage): In Fury mode, attacks trigger explosions but consume more Fury.
  • Caustic Blight (Autophage) : In Fury mode, attacks deal caustic damage but consume more Fury.
  • Juggernaut : The Overhead Smash attack generates more rage, increasing damage and strength.
  • Voltaic Scream : Scream attack electrifies enemies.
  • Deadeye The Curveballs : Get a charge boost when you hit enemies.
  • Tools of the Trade : Killing an enemy with a melee or ranged weapon increases the damage of that type of weapon.
  • Pummel (Autophage): Linking fast attacks increases strength but reduces the power of the first hit.
  • Carnage (Autophage) : In Fury mode, attacks have increased damage and strength, but consume more Fury.
  • Hunting Season : Increase melee weapon damage when you land hits or throws.
  • Cull The Weak : Damage increases slightly when attacking zombies with low health.

Numen ability card in Dead Island 2

Dead Island 2's Numan Ability Cards are special high-level abilities that you only gain access to at the end of the game. and in the post-final.

  • Born Survivor (Autophage) : When you die, there is an explosion that drains Fury and allows you to regenerate health when attacking zombies.
  • Seismic stomp The Skull Stomps : Causes explosions that reduce the enemy's stability and cause them to bleed.
  • Anger Mis-management (Autophage): When in Fury mode, you will lose health when your Fury gauge is depleted.
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