Dead Island 2 – Five tips to get started

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Dead Island 2 – Five tips to get started

After a wait of nearly a decade and a rather troubled development history, Dead Island 2 is finally here. The game is of course full of zombies to kill in the most different ways and is packed with a good dose of dark humor, which adds to the sumptuous experience this title has to offer.

Although the first hours into Hell-A may seem relatively simple, there are actually some details that, if known before you start playing, can make all the difference. You'll find them all in our Dead Island 2 tips and tricks guide for beginners.

Aim for the legs

You will be fighting dozens of zombies since the first hours of the game, and they can easily kill you if you don't come prepared. As you'll quickly learn, their head isn't the only sweet spot to hit if you want to finish them off quickly. Dead Island 2 offers a wide range of options to eliminate the hordes of undead hunting you, and breaking their legs seems like one of the most effective ways to neutralize them. This won't kill them instantly, but will slow them down considerably. Also, it will allow you to perform a brutal Skull Stomp by pressing the dedicated button when the enemy has less than half their health left.

Choose your preferred weapons carefully

Dead Island 2 offers many weapons to use against enemies, each with unique stats and characteristics. You can find knives, swords, katanas, crowbars, axes, pipe wrenches and much more and quickly equip them from the weapon wheel. That said, your choice should not be based solely on the power of the item, as many aspects need to be considered. Weapons in Dead Island 2 belong to four categories: Maiming, Frenzy, Bulldozer and Headhunter.

Weapons that fall under the first profile deal extra damage to limbs; all hits on arms and legs are critical and you can easily maim zombies with them. Frenzy weapons are the perfect choice for those who like to strike quickly, no matter what part of the undead's body they hit. They allow you to land consecutive critical hits for a short period of time. Bulldozer weapons are a great asset against large groups of enemies, as heavy attacks will always deal critical hits and also deal additional stability damage. Bounty hunter weapons are finally the perfect choice for players who enjoy smashing zombie heads no matter what. Each successful attack on enemy skulls equals a critical hit.

Use the environment to your advantage

Dead Island 2 allows you to kill zombies in many ways, making your adventure an absolute blast. You can rely on your weapon and kill them with the most traditional approach, or be creative and use the environment to your advantage. For example, you can lure enemies into a pool and throw a battery into the water to electrocute them or pour a jerrycan full of fuel and light your enemies on fire. You have many options and should check your surroundings carefully to take full advantage of them. Some zombies may be resistant or even immune to certain types of damage, but this is not the case for most of them during the first few hours of the game, so you have plenty of time to learn which attacks represent the best option against specific enemies.

Knock back zombies with a kick

Early on, you learn to knock back zombies with a well-placed kick by pressing the dedicated button. This will help you significantly during the first few hours of the game, as you will be able to momentarily stop them from attacking you and have a chance to damage them with your melee weapon of choice. The kick also lowers the enemy's health a bit, so don't forget that you have this valuable resource at your disposal. It won't work against all types of zombies, but it will be enough for the standard enemies. As you progress through the game, you will eventually unlock new skills to further improve this move and make it even more effective.

Always carry fuses with you

As you explore LA in search of resources and crafting materials, you will eventually come across locked doors that can only be accessed by placing a fuse inside the nearby fuse box. The best loot is hidden behind these doors, so stock up on fuses before exploring or starting a new mission. Unfortunately, slain zombies won't drop them, and the only way to obtain fuses is by buying them from a trader. They cost $1,500 each, but the investment is definitely worth it.

Take your time to familiarize yourself with the game mechanics and your character's unique skills because you won't be able to change your slayer once you've confirmed your choice. However, you can always start a new playthrough with a different character, as you have different save slots available, one for each of them. If you're looking for more tips about the game, stay tuned! More Dead Island 2 guides coming soon.

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