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Dead Island 2 best characters: stats and abilities

Dead Island 2 Best Characters: Stats and Abilities . There are six characters to choose from in Dead Island 2, each with different stats and abilities. However, there are three characters that stand out as the best in terms of stamina and ability, these are Carla, Jacob and Ryan. On the other hand, Dani, Bruno and Amy are weaker options with less useful abilities.

Although there are seven different stats that affect health, damage, speed and other abilities in Dead Island 2, there are also two specific skills for each character that can have a big impact on your choice . For example, Carla gets a damage boost when surrounded by multiple enemies, while Amy gets a damage boost when attacking lone zombies. These additional factors are important to consider when choosing your character in Dead Island 2.

First, let's look at a list of dead island 2 best characters according to their level so you can make a decision quickly. In addition, we have an overview of what all the statistics mean and a closer look at each character:

  • Carla : Level 5
  • Jacob : Level 5
  • Ryan : Level 5
  • Amy : Level 4
  • Bruno : Level 4
  • Dani : Level 4

Each character has seven different stats that affect their performance in the game, such as health, damage, speed, stamina, accuracy, strength, and luck. Also, each character has two unique abilities that can be very important to your choice. .

It is important to consider these abilities when choosing a character.

Dead Island 2 best characters: stats and abilities

Below are the Dead Island 2 characters ranked in order of effectiveness:

  • Carla : With high strength and toughness, Carla can absorb both basic and elemental damage. Her Mosh Pit ability gives her a useful boost of damage when surrounded . Although movement speed and critical damage are low, other stats are average.
  • Jacob : His stats in general are good, but average. His Wild ability is useful as it increases his damage when he attacks in quick succession. . However, she has the lowest resistance to elemental attacks.
  • Ryan : Basically a tank with a lot of stamina and resilience to soak up basic and elemental damage, with abilities that focus on taking down zombies and gaining health doing so. However, he is the slowest character.
  • Dani : With high resistance and little else, his health regeneration isn't great and is offset by a small health regeneration from killing multiple zombies quickly. You can also trigger explosions with heavy attacks, but this way of playing is limiting.
  • Bruno : His stats are mostly average, but he has low elemental resistance. His abilities are useful for attacking multiple enemies at once. but they don't stand out too much.
  • Amy : It's the weakest of all options, with average stats and useless abilities . His health regen is low and his damage only starts when he attacks lone zombies.

Each character has a unique and exciting mix of skills and stats, but Carla, Jacob, and Ryan stand out as the best because of their great stats and practical skills. . You'll often face large numbers of zombies, so any ability that rewards you for being near multiple enemies or dealing a lot of damage quickly will be beneficial.

Dead Island 2 Character Skills

In Dead Island 2, each character has 7 attributes that affect their performance, such as health, damage output, speed, stamina and more. . Here they are explained in more detail:

  • Toughness : It is the amount of physical damage you can take before dying. The higher the value, the less damage you will take.
  • Stamina : This is the number of moves and special attacks you can make before you need a rest to recover.
  • health recovery : How quickly you recover health.
  • Critical Damage : The additional damage dealt by critical hits.
  • Agility : The base's movement speed.
  • Peak Health : The character's maximum health value.
  • Resilience : Protection against burn damage, physical attacks, caustic damage, and related status effects.

It's important to keep these traits in mind when choosing your character and considering how they will affect your gameplay experience.

Stats and abilities of each Dead Island 2 character


  • Heaviness – 3
  • Endurance – 4
  • Health recovery – 2
  • Critical Damage – 3
  • Agility – 3
  • Max Health – 5
  • Resiliency – 1

  • Aggressive : Increases the base damage of attacks in rapid succession.
  • health recovery : Critical hits with low stamina increase critical damage and restore stamina.

In general , Jacob's stats are good, but he is vulnerable to elemental damage , which can present difficulties against certain enemies. However, the damage increase when you attack quickly is beneficial , especially considering the large number of hordes of enemies you have to face.


  • Toughness – 2
  • Endurance – 3
  • Health recovery – 3
  • Critical Damage – 5
  • Agility – 4
  • Max Health – 1
  • Resilience – 3

  • damage increase : Extra moderate damage when attacking from behind.
  • quick impact : Avoiding attacks by blocking or dodging increases movement speed.

Bruno stands out for having the highest critical damage and speed , but his other stats are average. His ability to deal more damage when attacking from behind isn't as effective, while the speed boost from Dodge is moderate and doesn't help much in combat.


  • Toughness – 4
  • Endurance – 3
  • Health recovery – 3
  • Critical Damage – 1
  • Agility – 2
  • Max Health – 3
  • Resilience – 5

  • Mosh pit : Increases damage slightly when there are multiple enemies nearby.
  • Deep Dig : Increases resistance when health is at a critical state.

Carla is one of the standout characters in the game, with exceptional resistance to physical damage. and elementary. In addition, his ability to increase toughness when health is critical gives him a decisive advantage in difficult situations. Although his critical damage is the lowest of all characters, his ability to deal more damage when multiple enemies are nearby is very beneficial when fighting hordes of zombies.


  • Heaviness – 3
  • Endurance – 5
  • Health recovery – 1
  • Critical Damage – 3
  • Agility – 3
  • Max Health – 4
  • Resilience – 2

  • thunderstuck – Heavy attacks trigger a powerful explosion on impact that affects the enemy's stability and stuns them.
  • Bloodlust – Regenerates health by killing zombies in rapid succession.

Dani has a good level of stamina and general health ; However , her ability to restore health by killing zombies in quick succession is her highlight . Also, his ability to cause a strong explosion when hit with heavy attacks is good, if a bit slow. While not an ideal pick, he can still be a decent pick in the game.


  • Heaviness – 5
  • Endurance – 3
  • Health recovery – 3
  • Critical Damage – 2
  • Agility – 1
  • Max Health – 3
  • Resilience – 4

  • Revenge : Blocking and dodging gives Ryan a moderate boost to his strength, weakening the zombies' stability and making them vulnerable to attacks.
  • Seesaw : Restores health by successfully killing zombies.

A rugged character who can take hits, Ryan has abilities that allow him to sweep zombies and restore health when he kills them. He's a bit slow, but his stamina and skills make up for it. .


  • Heaviness – 1
  • Endurance – 3
  • Health recovery – 3
  • Critical Damage – 4
  • Agility – 5
  • Max Health – 2
  • Resilience – 3

  • Elief Pitcher : Increases resistance when you kill a zombie with a melee attack.
  • Divide and Conquer : Less critical damage when attacking lone zombies.

Amy is considered the weakest character in the game as she has low stamina. and depends on your speed to avoid enemies. His abilities are focused on killing lone zombies with melee to increase their stamina. , which is not very useful in situations where you face large groups of enemies. Also, his ability to retrieve lost weapons is not very practical as they can easily get lost on the battlefield.

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