Dark and Darker: How to Cast Cleric Spells

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Dark and Darker: How to Cast Cleric Spells

Launch Dark and Darker cleric spells are a key class skill, but require you to have a walking staff in your possession to use them. While not as devastating as sorcerer magic , they focus on healing, buffing and protecting, making them a versatile support class to help out your teammates or yourself.

But to use the spells, you need to have a wand, which is not so obvious. Clerics, like wizards, need this item to cast spells.

Knowing how to switch from mace and shield to your staff is important, as well as having a good selection of spells. These are the most important aspects you need to know to cast as a Darker and Darker Cleric.

Cast cleric spells on Dark and Darker

To cast a spell as a cleric in Dark and Darker, the following steps must be followed:

This is how you cast a solo Darkest and Darkest Cleric spell. If you want to cast another spell, hold E or Q and select another spell, then hold RMB again to cast it . Remember that you have limited casting abilities and can only cast so many spells, so use your magic wisely, clerics!

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