Check out everything new in iOS 17 Beta 3 – Should you update?

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Check out everything new in iOS 17 Beta 3 – Should you update?

Yesterday, Apple released the third developer beta of its upcoming iOS 17 update. The latest beta builds bring many new features as well as stability improvements. If you are not familiar, we have compiled the list of new features that were discovered in the latest iOS 17 beta 3 update. Furthermore, since Apple has released three iterations of iOS 17, should you update it or wait for the public beta?

List of all the new changes found in iOS 17 Beta 3

Usually, the first beta builds of an iOS update creep in with bugs, and users shouldn't install it on their daily drivers. We have always advised users to install a beta version on an older or spare iPhone. Since iOS 17 has reached its third beta cycle, should you update now? Well, if you are a developer and want to check out the latest features and report bugs, then you have no choice. You can easily update to the latest iOS 17 beta 3 from beta 2.

If you are not a developer, you should wait for Apple to release iOS 17 public beta builds. This will ensure that the platform is stable enough for daily use. But be sure to expect some glitches and stuttering every now and then. Apple has previously announced that it will release the iOS 17 public beta in July, meaning the update could arrive at any time. As for what's new in the latest iOS 17 beta, check out the list of features curated specifically for iPhone.

Tweaks in recently deleted album

With the latest update, Apple has made minor adjustments to the recently deleted album on your iPhone. Previously you had to select the photos and then tap Delete or Restore, now iOS 17 will show three dits which, by pressing, will give you the option to either delete or restore the photos in the album.

Apple Music Song Credits

You can now view song lyrics in the Apple Music app. All you have to do is tap the three dots next to a song that's playing, searching for, or in a playlist.

Home app improvements

The Home app has had its share of additions, such as the new splash screen that shows what's new in the app. In addition, there are new options for RGB lights with pre-selected colors at the bottom of the interface. These color options will also appear in the Control Center for easier access. Furthermore, Home will also display the activity log for the previous month for a wide range of devices.

Mental well-being

The Health app now includes improvements to the Mental Wellbeing section. It is now much more streamlined and colorful corresponding to different emotions. There is also a reminder option to log your mood.

These are all the main features discovered in iOS 17 beta 3 for now, but we will keep you updated as soon as anything new is found. As mentioned earlier, Apple will release the first public beta of iOS 17 in the coming weeks, which you can download instead of the developer beta.

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