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Known as one of the most iconic games in the gaming world, GTA 4 has been a hit since its release on PC in 2008. As the action-adventure video game developed and published by Rockstar Games, GTA 4 has become a phenomenon. world. PC users will be able to enjoy all the action that this game offers, but how to get it? If you are looking to get more out of your gaming experience in GTA 4 for PC, then these cheats are for you. In this guide, we will show you the best GTA 4 cheats for PC that help improve the gameplay of one of the most demanded titles in the world.

1. The best GTA 4 PC cheats

1. Complete the mission "Salvador Vázquez"

The first of these is to complete the "Salvador Vázquez" quest. This mission is unlocked after completing the third act of the main story. After completing the mission, you will receive two major benefits:

  • A leap in Niko's morale
  • A large amount of money to buy items that activate automatically

To complete this mission you will need some tools. Armed garrisons carrying valor are found along the way, so the following items will come in handy: a weapon, a bicycle, a jet ski, and an armored car.

Before starting the mission, you need to talk to the Cuban mobster Victor and he will receive a mission to pick up a shipment. After completing this mission, you will receive the link to the meeting point for delivery of the cargo. You must then follow the manager of the exchange area, who will take you to the Salvador pick-up location.

Once you reach your destination, you need to pick up a shipment. Finally, after picking up the package, you move towards the final point and deliver the cargo to the destination. This is a great way to get money as well as a good amount of morale for Niko.

2. How to use cheats for GTA 4 PC

    2. Using the command console:

  • The game GTA 4 should be opened and at the same time the command console.
  • In the command console, you must enter the code corresponding to the desired trick.
  • After typing, the Enter key must be pressed and the cheat code will be available.
  • This way you can use the available tricks like health, weapons or money.
    3. Combine uses to improve tricks:

  • The cheats can be used together to increase the desired effects.
  • For example, as we have previously mentioned, the combination of Cheat Engine and Order Console to get more weapons or more money, or the combination of "Liberate the city" with "Armed Crafting" to increase resistance to enemies.
  • The combination options expand according to creativity, offering options for GTA 4 players.

3. The most popular GTA 4 PC cheats

Cheat codes for unlocking vehicles

When you notice that all these actions can lead to a temporary account ban, the first trick is to consider unlocking a large number of vehicles. To activate it, players must open their mobile in-game and enter the following code: +468-555-0100 .

  • This will give you access to a wide variety of vehicles available for use, such as the SuperGT Sports Car, Batman's Truck, the Cognoscenti Luxury Touring Car, the Cannon SUV and the Prototype Jet.
  • All vehicles will be stored in the garage of the player's house, so then just go out and find them on the street at your disposal.

cheats for invincibility

Another classic trick is to give players invincibility. This will protect them not only from gunshots and explosions, but also prevent them from getting sick or drunk. To activate the cheat, they must open their mobile phone in the game and dial the following code: +362-555-0100 .

  • It is also possible to deactivate it if the player wishes by entering the same code when it is already active.
  • Using the cheat will also unlock the Golden Gun, an extremely powerful weapon that has also become very famous in the franchise.

The trick to get unlimited weapons

Finally, players can also get unlimited weapons. To activate the cheat, they must open the game's mobile phone and dial the following code: +482-555-0100 . This will give you access to all the weapons available in the game at no cost.

  • The range of weapons is very varied, from an arsenal of firearms to items such as grenades that players can use to their advantage.
  • It is important to remember that the game does not support the use of weapons outside the firing line, so uncontrolled use may lead to a temporary account ban.

4. Special Cheats for GTA 4 PC Modded Game

Do you want to have some fun with modded games on your computer with GTA IV PC? Then the special tricks will help you perform at your best and be able to enjoy this visual experience like never before. Here are some tips to achieve it.

Reuse your Savegame : After spending some time playing some modded games, you can go back to the original game and save it so that the "Savegame" will preserve the changes and memories you have made. This way you will avoid losing the momentum of the special tricks.

Change the display options : While the preset graphics may be impressive, they will be greatly improved by optimizing the settings to improve lighting, colors, text quality and visual depth. You can simplify the task by doing this with two or three mouse clicks.

Find the best accessories : This can help you improve your experience and get the best results. There are many plugins designed to improve the experience and stability of the system. For example, third-party viewers and user interface customization tools.

5. The most useful GTA 4 PC cheats

How to create infinite weapons in the game

  • One of the most useful cheats in GTA 4 PC is how to craft infinite weapons. First, find the "Almería" folder in the file system. Next, you need to download Link's infinite weapon mod from Rockstar. Finally, just drag the mod files into the Almería folder and restart the game. After that you should have all the infinite weapons in less than a minute.
  • When it comes to the use of infinite weapons, there are many ways you can take advantage of it. One of the best uses is to progress through the campaign to complete the challenges and get enough rewards. This can help you complete many challenges that you don't want to do on your own. If you have unlimited weapons, you can easily defeat the enemies.
  • Another way to get the most out of the infinite weapons mod is by using it in conjunction with the same world power mod. This mod allows you to choose the amount of world power you want, meaning if you combine it with a weapon mod, you should have no problem beating the level. This is especially useful if you play a lot and have just passed a difficult level.

How to change the time in the game

  • Another useful GTA 4 PC cheat is how to change the time to make your game look more realistic. To do this, you need to download the real-time mod. This will change the time every time you enter the same mode in the game, so the game always feels new and original.
  • You can also use time changes to change the time you play in the game. This allows you to see a new way of viewing the game and have a better experience as a player. For example, if you usually play early in the morning, you can make the game look like you play in the afternoon.
  • Time change can also help you pass the game ranking. Changing the time will make the game easier. This is especially true in survival modes, where time plays an important role. So changing the weather is a useful way to get through the game without having to spend so much time on hard mode.

How to use the "Creator Mode" mode in the game

  • Another useful cheat code in GTA 4 PC is "Creator Mode", which allows you to create your own custom maps and levels for the game. This gives you the power to determine the content and appearance of your levels, from the backgrounds to the objects and characters. Plus, you can also save your creations online for others to play your work, which is a great way to have fun, compete and meet new people.
  • To use "Creator Mode", you must first download the mod from the Rockstar site. This will give you the right content and control to create your content. Once you've downloaded the mod, all you have to do is open it and start editing. From there, you can now upload your changes online to share with others.
  • Once you publish your work online, you will be evaluated by the GTA 4 PC community. This means other players can provide feedback, rate your work and decide if it deserves a place on the community's best work list. This means that while you have the ability to vectorize your levels, you also need to have a sense of aesthetics to satisfy the community.

6. Unique cheats for upgrading in GTA 4 PC

GTA 4 players on PC can enjoy specific improvements that the console version cannot achieve. Here are some tricks to get that extra performance without complications:

  • Enable Mods: Mods are available for the PC version of GTA 4 and can be downloaded from the Internet. These offer a much higher intensity in the game, allowing the user to improve the quality of the graphics, install modifications of vehicles, weapons and other items.
  • Replace 30 frames: To improve the flow, users can replace 30 fps with 60 fps, this can be done with some GTA 4 settings tricks. These tricks also allow you to optimize brightness, lighting, shadow quality and many more options.
  • Configure Game Content: Users can also control the amount of content they want to load when playing the game. This is achieved using two specialized files (detail.dat and streaming_devices.dat) that must be located in the GTA 4 settings folder. By enabling these files, the graphics quality will be optimized without losing any of the game content. .

Joining a private server is also a way to improve your gaming experience. The servers allow the user to add content to the game, reduce latency and prevent unfair use. Finally, there is the option to change the game options from the same main menu. This is achieved by using the language "no" in the settings for the game mode settings.

To conclude, it is necessary to point out that Cheats GTA 4 PC is a great way to improve and maximize the enjoyment of this game. Whether you want to do weapon cheats, get exclusive vehicles, unlock extra content or just take advantage of some of the best features in the gaming experience, this is a great tool to increase your fun. If you want to enhance your fun in GTA 4, Cheats GTA 4 PC is a great option to explore.

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