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Cheats for GTA Vice City PC

Over the past 20 years, Rockstar Games' GTA Vice City has turned its legendary action game into the most popular game series in the industry. Gamers have spent fun hours in Vice City and old days have made them excited. Here are some amazing game cheats that can give you the edge you need to be more successful in the fun city.

1. How to get more money for Grand Theft Auto Vice City PC

Manage money in Grand Theft Auto Vice City for PC

Grand Theft Auto Vice City is an open world game where players constantly get into trouble. In this game, money is essential both to get property and to upgrade the vehicle. Here are some ways to get and save money in Grand Theft Auto Vice City for PC:

  • Complete Job Missions: The player can earn money by completing job missions available in the game.
  • Play Mini Games: There are several mini games, such as texas holdem, horse racing and lottery jackpot, all of which can offer big cash prizes.
  • Complete Side Quests – Completing certain side quests can also offer monetary rewards.
  • Claim Rewards – The player can claim large amounts of money by completing certain missions.

Players can earn a significant amount of money by completing main and side missions. Players can also do non-mission related activities to earn money. For example, the player can buy and sell real estate, drive a taxi to receive passengers, deliver packages, and rob banks. These non-mission activities can offer large monetary rewards.

Although it can be difficult to make money in the game, there are also some ways to reduce your expenses. The player can lend money to the drug dealer to reduce the interest rate. The player can also save money by selling cars to the item selector and avoid buying unnecessary things. These ways to cut expenses allow you to save money for larger purchases.

2. GTA Vice City PC Cheats – More Money, Lives and Weapons

Complete 100% wealth level:

  • Start the game with a new profile and enter the password " ASPIRIN " in the options menu. This will give you a chance to complete the 100% wealth level.
  • Go to the Leaf Links village and enter the restaurant. Put out the fire in the kitchen, then go up the ladder to the left and go to the cash register for a $10,000 fortune prize.
  • Go to Vice Point city and enter the hotel. You will find a wallet with $500 in it. You can collect it multiple times.
  • Go to the Caligula Building and you will find a briefcase in the office for 20,000. floor to get $XNUMX.

Increase health level:

  • Go to the Pole Position park and pick up the medical packs that are on the roof. This will increase your health level by 10%.
  • Go to the Vice City hospital and talk to the doctor. You will get a chance to restore full health.
  • Collect the sea chests to get various offers, including symbols of life to increase your health level.

Get weapons for the game:

  • Go to the eastern part of Ocean Beach to find a tobacco pouch with an army automatic pistol and a submachine gun inside.
  • In the countryside there is an RPG missile range, where you can get special weapons for the game.
  • Go to a parking garage to find a rocket launcher, which is great for mass destruction of enemies.
  • Head to the southern area to find a cache of various weapons, including rockets, a submachine gun, and an assault rifle.

3. How to unlock fast vehicles in Grand Theft Auto Vice City PC?

There is no doubt that Grand Theft Auto Vice City on PC is one of the best games of all time. With improved graphics, new abilities, tons of soundtracks, and a wry sense of humor, there's a lot to love about this version of the game. One of the coolest things that many people don't notice is the ability to unlock fast cars. This is the perfect way to explore all the features of the city.

This is a detailed guide to unlock fast vehicles in Grand Theft Auto Vice City PC . The first thing you need to do is go to the garage, which is located in the Back or Southeast section. You need to buy parking to unlock the fast vehicles. Once inside, go to the wall at the back and head towards the door. At this point, you will notice that there is a key in the summer tree, which is located next to the dance floor. It is close to the beach house. You need to pick it up so you can open the door. This key gives you access to the garages of the past.

After entering the garage from the past, look for an engine block with a full moon on it. The engine block is in a chest. Once you've opened the chest, search for the key fob to unlock the fast vehicles. The key fob is located in the same room where you opened the chest. The key can be found in certain parts of the room, or in an in-game menu, where items appear. Once you've found the key fob, insert it into the engine block to get the key.

4. Unlock all gun styles in GTA Vice City PC

Monitoring and unlocking weapon styles

  • Check Your Inventory – Before unlocking all the weapon styles in GTA Vice City PC, check your inventory to see which weapons you have and which ones you want to unlock.
  • Update your software: Make sure you have the latest update for GTA Vice City PC to avoid issues with unlocking weapon styles.
  • Buy Codes from Steam Store: There are several codes to unlock the weapon styles of GTA Vice City PC. You can grab the weapon style packs through the Steam store and unlock them quickly with a one-time purchase.

After collecting the codes, open the GTA Vice City PC console and press "~" to access it. Enter the following code to unlock all gun styles: "gunbfgfizzgigiwimp". After activating the code, the game will automatically restart to save the changes.

A trick to remember the code is to play a little word game. It may help to write the entire sentence on a piece of paper and try to remember it by correspondence with a sentence you remember: "Gun Better Get Fizz Gig I Wimp." Once the meaningful phrase is memorized, players can unlock all weapon styles with the original code.

5. The best cheats for money and infinite life for GTA Vice City PC

1. Money Trick – To add parts to the bank, press the F2 key during gameplay to activate the launch console, then type the word “ EZMONEY ” to get a significant amount of money. If enough money is added, almost any item can be purchased.
2. Infinite Life – Tired of dealing with death? It will never happen again if you use the following tricks:

  • First of all, type the word " ASPIRIN " in the launch console.
  • Then press CTRL + ALT + SHIFT + 9 to gain another 100 health units.
  • Now press CTRL + ALT + SHIFT + 8 to get almost infinite life.

3. Other cheat codes: If you want to drive better and get wings, you can use the following cheat codes:

  • Enter the word " FLYINGFISH " to make the main character fly like a superman.
  • Enter the word " GIVEHELP " to get optional attacks that can be used to destroy vehicles in style.
  • Enter the word " NOSTICKS " for better control and braking.

6. How to get vehicle camouflage in Grand Theft Auto Vice City PC?

Obtaining vehicle camouflage

If you want to add camouflage to your vehicle in GTA Vice City for PC, you can do it relatively easily. Here are the steps to get a unique skin vehicle in your game:

Once you save the changes, your vehicle will have the chosen camouflage. As for the color, this can be changed by doing the same steps as above, but instead of choosing the "Camouflage" option, choose the "Color" option, which allows you to choose from a wide variety of colors. Also, each vehicle will have a different color palette to choose from.

In this way, you get an exclusive vehicle in a very simple way. You can repeat this action with all the vehicles you want to have a personal fleet.

With this we come to the end of our article on GTA Vice City Cheats for PC. With these few cheats, a player can explore the city more freely for a better gaming experience. From having unlimited lives to owning the best cars and weapons, these cheats help players enjoy every second of GTA Vice City. Add a touch of fun to your game with these cheats and immerse yourself in the world of GTA Vice City. Enjoy your exciting new gaming experience!

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