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Best Zelda Tears of the Kingdom armor

Best Zelda Tears of the Kingdom armor . The most prominent sets of armor and outfits in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom will equip Link for any situation imaginable, as long as you can figure out where they are throughout Hyrule. These garments not only provide protection and reduce the damage you take, but also provide additional effects, resistances, buffs, and buffs, such as cold resistance, improved scaling speed, and increased attack power. We have discovered a number of unique armor sets, clothes, outfits and masks in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom and now we will introduce you to the locations of the best Zelda Tears of the Kingdom armor for you to find below.

Best Zelda Tears of the Kingdom armor and how to get them

In Zelda Tears of the Kingdom, there is no ultimate armor , as each costume provides different benefits that are useful at certain times. Here is a list of various outfits and armor pieces that everyone should own, either as a single piece of clothing or as a complete set. By having all of these items in your inventory, you will be prepared for any situation.

  • master's tunic (torso): High defense.
  • Climbing Gear (Set): Increases climbing speed.
  • Voe Desert Armor (Head): Increases heat resistance.
  • Fierce Deity Armor (Head): Increases attack.
  • Flamebreaker Armor (set): flameproof.
  • Majora's Mask (Head): Increases stealth.
  • Midna's Helmet (Head): Increases resistance to gloom, high defense.
  • Snow Feather Armor (set): Increases resistance to cold.
  • Zora Armor (torso): Allows Link to swim in waterfalls.

In Zelda Tears of the Kingdom, the clothing options are divided into three categories depending on whether they are used on the torso, head, or legs. . Some pieces of armor come in complete sets that cover all parts of the body, while others are exclusive to just one part (like the many unique helmets). However, when it comes to complete sets, there is often an added benefit to using all the parts together that outweighs the individual benefits each offers.

How to get the Champion Cloak in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom

  • Location: Hall of Royalty in Hyrule Castle
  • Body part: Thorax
  • Effect: None
  • Starting defense: 5
  • Can be upgraded: yes

How to get there : Access Hyrule Castle and head towards the highest part where the majestic Hall of Royalty is located. On either side of the throne you will find unlit torches. Light them with an incendiary weapon or any other flammable object you have on hand. Once both torches are lit, the throne will slide away to reveal a chest containing the Champion's Robe. .

Why is it worth getting? : In addition to being an improved version of Link's outfit in Breath of the Wild, the champion robe has one of the best defensive stats in the game .

How to get climbing gear in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom

  • Location: North Hyrule Plain Cave (body), Upland Zorana Byroad (legs), Ploymus Mountain Cave
  • Body part: Full set
  • Effect: Increased climbing speed
  • Starting Defense: 9 total (3 per piece used)
  • Upgradable: Yes

way to get it : This set is scattered all over Hyrule, both in Zora's Domain and on the west side of the castle.

Climbing Helmet (Head) : To get it, go to the cave on Mount Ploymus , which is just west of Zora's Domain and runs down the cliffs near Lake Lulu. Inside you will find many protruding stones. The challenge is to climb them until you reach the highest point in the cave. It is recommended to prepare some lime potions (the humidity here is high). When you reach the top, you will find the helmet in a shrine .

Climbing Kit (Body): Near the first Zelda Tears of the Kingdom geoglyph in North Hyrule Plain, you'll find the small New Serenne stable. East of this location is the North Hyrule Plain Cave , whose entrance is to the south. Make your way through creatures like the Likes and Horriblins to discover the shrine that houses the body armor in .

Ascent Boots (Legs) : The most challenging journey of all to get it begins with heading towards Upland Zorana's Tower of Heaven, then sliding south along the cliffs. Just north of Ralis Pond is Zorana Byroad Upland Cave : Go in and fight creatures like Likes Likes, but halfway you'll find a pool. Turn northeast by the pool to reveal a partially hidden path – continue purposefully until you reach a flooded room littered with ruins. Use the Ultra Hand to lift the door at the opposite end of the room, which will lower the water level. and it will allow you to crouch under the stairs to the right of the door. Through a cave you reach the final shrine where the Ascension Boots are located. .

Reasons to buy it : Obviously, the increased speed when climbing reduces the chance of running out of energy halfway up a cliff, a building or the slope of a mountain. If you find yourself on the edge of a wall, immediately switching to this kit will greatly increase your chances of reaching the top.

How to get Desert Voe armor in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom

  • Location: Kara Kara Bazaar, northeast of Gerudo City
  • Body part: Head
  • Effect: Heat resistance
  • Starting defense: 3
  • Upgradable: Yes

How to buy it : The helmet in question can be bought from a Gerudo dealer in the Kara Kara bazaar. , which is halfway across the desert in the direction of Gerudo Town. You have to pay 450 rupees for it, not exactly cheap but definitely worth it if you lack heat resistant clothes.

Why is it worth getting? : Heat resistance is essential for exploring the desert, as you will take damage if exposed to excessive temperatures. However, most desert areas are not fiery enough to require the full Desert Voe armor set. By wearing only a helmet, most of your journeys through the desert will be safe .

How to get Fierce Deity Armor in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom

  • Location: Skull Lake Cave, north of Akkala
  • Body part: Head
  • Effect: Attack, looks good
  • Starting defense: 3
  • Upgradable: Yes

How to buy it : The Fierce Deity Armor can be found in the "right eye" of Skull Lake, located north of Akkala. One eye represents an abyss in the depths, but in this case you need to look for the other. As you venture in, you will encounter many monsters. , but you will also discover a chest containing the Fierce God Armor .

Why is it worth getting? : Part of a larger set, this elegant tribute to Majora's Mask increases the attack power of all your weapons, which is a significant benefit . However, we don't suggest getting the full set, as his defense is quite limited. Therefore, it is better to combine it with a champion cloak or other similar equipment.

How to get flamethrower armor in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom

  • Location: Goron City, Death Mountain
  • Body part: Full set
  • Effect: Flame Breaker/Fire Immunity
  • Starting Defense: 9 total (3 per piece used)
  • Upgradable: Yes

way to get it : Just buy it at Goron City Armor Shop . Here you can buy a complete set, with the torso as the cheapest part for 700 rupees. However, we recommend buying just one piece – the entire set is expensive to purchase, and a single Fire Immunity Cloak will protect you while you explore both Death Mountain and its interior.

Why is it worth getting? : Basically because of the ease of exploration it provides. Although you can get by without it if you're making some fireproof potions, it's more practical to have this armor in your pack when you want to venture into a volcano .

How to get Majora's Mask in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom

  • Location: Floating Coliseum, the Deep
  • Body part: Head
  • Effect: Stealth increase
  • Starting defense: 1
  • Upgradable: No

Access Scheme : Southwest of Hyrule Field is the "Ruins of the Colosseum", where you'll find a fearsome Gleeok. Don't worry, you don't have to defeat him; you must enter into his presence. Just below the Colosseum ruins, in the depths, lies the floating Colosseum, which challenges you to face an onslaught of five increasingly deadly Lynels , which are also affected by the darkness to further complicate matters. Wipe them all out and the chest in the arena is unlocked, containing the original Majora's Mask inside! !

Why is it worth getting? : Majora's Mask has minimal defense, but provides a large stealth bonus that makes it difficult for certain enemies to notice your presence. It's great for sneaking around dangerous areas if you want to avoid combat.

How to get Midna's helmet in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom

  • Location: Lone Island Coliseum, The Deep
  • Body part: Head
  • Effect: Shadow resistance
  • Starting defense: 7
  • Upgradable: No

Access Scheme : Go to Eventide Island , east of Lurelin, in the lower right corner of the map. On the north side of Eventide you will find a chasm that will lead you into the depths and the Lonely Island Coliseum below. Move the Colosseum and defeat all the waves of Bokoblins shrouded in Penumbra to unlock the chest and get Midna's Helmet .

Why is it worth getting? : Midna's helmet not only gives you protection and resistance to Gloom , which is great when you go deep into the depths and take on Ganon's forces, but also has a very solid starting defensive stat.

How to get Snow Feather Armor in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom

  • Location: Rito Town, Hebra Mountains
  • Body part: Full set
  • Effect: Cold resistance
  • Starting Defense: 9 total (3 per piece used)
  • Upgradable: Yes

mode of acquisition : When you get to Rito Village, located in the Hebra Mountains, the armor shop will offer you the full set of Snow Feather Armor. . The Snow Feather Tunic is the cheapest item, priced at 500 Rupees, and we recommend buying that particular item. Once you get the Ancient Heat Greaves from Great Sky Island, combining them will make you immune to pretty much any form of cold in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom. In case you haven't found Greaves yet, the attached guide will provide the necessary instructions to do so.

Reasons to get it : The Snow Feather Armor ensures that you survive in extreme cold conditions without taking damage , which is essential for exploring much of the map in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom. Whether it's the Hebra Mountains, the Tabantha Tundra, the Gerudo Desert at night, or Mount Lanayru, among others, this armor will give you the protection you need. While it's possible to survive by making hot peppers, it's much more practical to just wear a down jacket.

How to get Zora's armor in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom

  • Location: Mipha Court, Zora's Domain
  • Body part: Torso
  • Effect: Allows Link to swim in waterfalls.
  • Starting defense: 3
  • Upgradable: Yes

How to buy it : Zora armor is easily obtained as part of the Zora questline and Prince Sidon . Follow the instructions and Yona will ask you to hand over an ancient Arowana fish. This is not complicated, as they usually swim around the statue of Mipha. Just bring one to him and you will receive this armor.

Reasons to get it : While it may be situational, the ability to swim in waterfalls can be incredibly useful when trying to reach places like Lake Toto in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom . The falls offer a convenient shortcut and will also allow you to access some of the Sky Islands by climbing into the water flowing from them. Although there are two other pieces to complete the Zora Armor set, this one in particular is much more important.

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