Best weapons in Dead Island 2 and where to find them

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Best weapons in Dead Island 2 and where to find them

Best weapons in Dead Island 2 and where to find them . In Dead Island 2 , there are a number of legendary and unique weapons, as well as modifications and improvements that can make any weapon the best option. While there are many options, there are a few legendary and unique weapons that stand out and are worth seeking out. These weapons come with built-in perks and mods that give them special abilities and powers. This article will detail how weapons generally work in Dead Island 2 and their locations. .

Best weapons in Dead Island 2 and where to find them

There are two categories of weapons in Dead Island 2: melee and ranged. . Each has four basic types that will be detailed later, but most importantly, all rare or superior weapons can be customized with additional mods and perks. Perks and mods in Dead Island 2 work as follows :

  • In Dead Island 2, weapon mods can increase damage and add status effects, such as fire, electricity, and corrosion.
  • Perks in this game change how the weapon works and can improve the player's stats in specific situations. . For example, the "Agile" perks increase agility after killing enemies. However, some perks can also have negative effects, such as "Enhanced" which increases damage at the expense of the weapon's durability.

Additionally , there are different categories of melee and ranged weapons that affect their behavior . These variants focus on aspects like brute strength, speed, and more, thus providing more critical hits for one weapon type and more limb damage for another.

Types of melee weapons in Dead Island 2

  • Maiming : Deals extra damage to limbs and every hit on them is a critical hit. Dismemberment weapons also regain stamina when dismembering an enemy.
  • Frenzy : Fast attack weapons increase the speed of consecutive hits. If you manage to hit enough times in a row, all your attacks will automatically be critical for a short period. Weapons with rage also charge powerful attacks faster.
  • Bulldozer : All heavy attacks are critical and deal extra stability damage to stun zombies faster. Also , throwing them will also deal damage to all zombies in a given area .
  • Headhunter : All headshots are critical and heavy attacks increase your agility without slowing you down while charging.

Types of ranged weapons in Dead Island 2

  • Demolition : Attacks on vulnerable or stunned zombies are always critical, and you gain toughness while reloading.
  • rapid fire : Rapid-fire firearm that improves accuracy after receiving consecutive hits, making all shots critical for a period of time.
  • Tactics : Defensive maneuvers increase movement and reload speed, providing a short window where all hits are critical.
  • Sharpshooter : Slow to fire, but hits to the head and limbs are always critical, and aiming deals extra damage.

Dead Island 2: All Legendary Weapons

Arguably , the most prominent weapons in Dead Island 2 are the 11 legendary or unique weapons that can be obtained throughout the game. Most of them are obtained as rewards for completing side quests or are found in locked boxes that can only be opened with special keys. . These are definitely worth seeking out as they have perks and mods that are unique and greatly increase their power and efficiency.

Below is a list of all legendary Dead Island 2 weapons that can be found in the game:


This rifle is probably one of the first unique weapons you get in Dead Island 2. , by completing the Creature Comforts side quest in Bel Air. First, you must find and rescue an elderly actor named Curtis Sinclair, and once this is done, you will return to Emma Jaunt's house where Sinclair will send you for alcohol and cigars. If you get what he asks for, he'll give you Peggy, a powerful sniper rifle. , especially considering how early you get it. Its main advantage is that it increases damage and strength, which can take down zombies.


In Bel Air's Postman Quest, you'll find the Raven Sniper Rifle which increases damage when chained together. . While you'll find a note that gives you some directions to find the mail truck, it won't help you much, so use the map below to find the three required locations. You should watch out for too many packages in a cart: the third pile you find will spawn the courier that you can kill to get the Dead Island 2 Mailman Box Keys that are in the truck.

Extinction event

After completing the main quest Justifiable Zombicide , you can get a heavy revolver that deals acid damage and emits a corrosive cloud that can affect other zombies. The safe containing the gun is located inside Nikki Gutte's house. After completing the quest, a zombie with a specific name will appear in the garden with the key , but you may have to quit and come back for it to appear.

O-Kami and Whiskey

If you want to increase limb damage and durability, don't miss your chance to get this crippling sword. To get it, you need to find Rikky Rex in Beverly Hills and complete the quest The Ballad of Rikky Rex .

Big shot

You'll get a Demolition Gun that fires explosive projectiles that stun and traumatize zombies as a reward for completing the It's Not Your Fault side quest , hosted by Luciana at Emma Jaunt's house in Bel Air. Luciana owns the laptop you need to complete the quest.

The Brutalizer

You can obtain this machete by completing a series of five missions for artist Francesca in Bel Air. Each mission will ask you to collect a specific number of zombie parts, and once you've delivered them all, you'll get the weapon. . This weapon deals high physical and crippling damage, and also has the ability to transfer status effects from one zombie to another.

jade dragon

You can obtain the weapon known as The Jade Dragon by completing the side quest The Terror of Sound Stage 7 in Monarch Studios. This unique weapon provides an additional Stamina buff and increases your character's attack speed. .

Blood Rage

You can get this fast attack razor by completing the Fools Gold Lost & Found side quest at the dock . This mission can be difficult, but when you find everything you need, you will receive a knife that causes bleeding and spreads among nearby zombies.

To start the quest, go to the lifeguard tower and defeat the crusher named Dante to get a note. Then find a locker and two disposable phones before accessing the safe. When you do, you get the razor.

  Emma's wrath

This deck deals high-magnitude physical damage. . When you attack traumatized zombies, they can be thrown into the air and damage other nearby enemies. Additionally, stomping on a zombie builds a shotgun blast for the next time you attack, while knocking zombies down causes an explosion.


You can get this aggressive ax that causes zombies to bleed and pass it on to others by completing the side quest "Going Viral" on Hollywood Boulevard . This mission is unlocked after completing the main story.

The one

You will receive a sword that weakens zombies and creates explosions when you decapitate them, as a reward for completing the Beacon of Hope side quest . This quest can be found near the theater on Hollywood Boulevard after completing the main story.

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