Best spells to unlock first in Hogwarts' legacy

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Best spells to unlock first in Hogwarts' legacy

Best spells to unlock first in Hogwarts Legacy. The cornerstone of Hogwarts Legacy gameplay is the spell . But what are the most important spells to unlock? This guide will explain the most important spells you should prioritize and unlock first at Hogwarts.

Best spells to unlock first

There are two ways to unlock spells : through rewards for completing main quests or tasks for the teachers. If you haven't gotten the right main quest or quest yet, keep progressing in your main quests and they will eventually unlock.

While there are extremely powerful spells like bombardment or even unforgivable curses, we won't focus on them since they won't be available until later in the game, around mid game. However, it is undeniable that they are very powerful.

Although we consider the aforementioned spells to be the most important, it is important to note that all spells have their uses and we recommend unlocking them as soon as they become available.

The best damage trolls to unlock first

Confringo and Fire

If you want to damage your enemies over time, the best way is to set them on fire, and there are two spells that allow you to do this: Fire and Confringo. Both have their own tools.

The spell Fire , first unlocked through Professor Hecat's Quest 1, deals twice the damage of Confringo , has a slightly faster cooldown, and can be upgraded through your talent page to create an area of effect that rings around you and burns everything. nearby enemies. This spell proves invaluable when surrounded by Inferi, as they must be on fire before they can be harmed.

On the other hand, Break has a far greater range than Fire , making it a useful tool for setting pesky enemies on fire from a distance if you want to keep a safe distance. In addition, it can also be upgraded to act as a swarm of guided projectiles, similar to a magic missile.

The best control trolls to unlock first


While Levioso is a great early game spell to make enemies float, it loses a lot of its usefulness once you get Flipendo. On the other hand , Glacius has a much faster cooldown than Arrest Momentum , his debuff to make the enemy take more damage, and his talent buff to deal damage to all enemies in the area, making him a good choice to control the battlefield. We therefore recommend prioritizing Glacius over the other forms of control. This spell can be unlocked by completing Madam Kogawa's Quest 1.

The best power trolls to unlock first

Force spells can be hard to recommend in this game, as they are extremely useful for specific situations. Although you learn Accio almost immediately upon arriving at Hogwarts in your first Charms class, there's nothing better than throwing someone off a cliff or into a wall with Depulso. But in our opinion , the spells of Flipendo and Descendo are the ones you should prioritize.


to reverse it can be unlocked by completing Professor Garlick's quest 2. At first it may seem like a normal spell, but it actually has the fastest cooldown of any other combat spell in the game , making it the most reliable way to blast an enemy at . You should always prioritize this option whenever possible. While not very spectacular, it gets the job done and is a great way to deal with purple shields when all your other spells are still on cooldown.

Going down

Along with Flipendo we have Going down , a spell that is unlocked by completing Professor Onai's task. This spell is useful on its own when used against an airborne enemy, and with its ability unlocked it can deal a large amount of damage in the area around the target , making it an excellent control, strength, and damage spell all in one. . Moreover, one cannot avoid mentioning that it is very satisfying to use.


If you are someone who is often frustrated by locked doors, we recommend that you complete the main quest "The Caretaker's Moon Lament" as soon as possible to unlock the enchantment. The first phase of this spell will allow you to open level 1 doors, but you must keep collecting "Demiguise Moons" to improve the spell. Still, mastering at least the first level of the spell is beneficial, as it will cut the time you spend frustrated over closed doors by a third.

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