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Best Pokémon in the Pokémon Go Ultra League

La pokemon go ultra league has been influenced by the inclusion of many Pokemon from the Alola and Galar regions , which has increased the variety of one of the best teams in the league. Ultra League's Only supports Pokémon with 2,500 CP or less , expanding the options for trainers compared to 1,500 CP in the Great League.

Although the best strategy is to play Ultra League and learn through experience. This guide provides information on the Pokémon that have excelled in the format and how the move enhancements have affected the viability of certain species in Pokémon Go.


If you're a seasoned Big League player, you probably already know Azumarill as a leader at that level. Tapu Completed it meets the same standard in the Ultra League.

With a similar Pokemon type and stats, Tapu Fini can establish you as a solid attacker that can wear down opponents and their shields. Water Gun is the fast attack for Tapu Fini, while Surf and Moonblast give the legendary Pokemon two STAB attacks that can deal with the Reigrocks and Obstagoons you're likely to face in Ultra League.


Gliscor is an ideal leader for Ultra League teams thanks to their formidable typing and resistance to many attacks. With an improved wing attack that generates more energy, Gliscor can give any trainer a significant advantage right from the start of a match.

Furthermore , the STAB move Earthquake is effective against Registeel and Fire-types, while Night Slash performs well against Ghost-types and can increase Gliscor's attack stat by two stages. With a proper lift, Gliscor can crush teams in an instant.


buzzwole It's an excellent option for any format thanks to its h Counter Attack ability and his good offensive stats . With it, it can damage Normal, Rock and Steel types. Power-up punch it's a nice charged attack that wears down opponents and increases Buzzwole's attack. To fight against psychic types, Lung can be used. However, you need to be careful with the flying types as Buzzwole is much weaker against them.


sirfetchd is a useful fighting type in Ultra League thanks to its counter attack ability Night Slash it is an excellent fast attack that increases attack stat and is effective against psychic types.

The charged attack depends on the trainer's preference, Close Combat has more power but lowers Sirfetchd's defense, while Leaf Blade is useful against water types and requires less energy. Overall, Sirfetchd is a good option for any team in the Ultra League.


Trevenant, a Ghost and Grass type from the Kalos region, it is a surprising but desirable choice for the Ultra League due to its mix of types and traits. Shadow claw is an excellent quick Ghost attack that helps against Ghost and Psychic types, while Seed Bomb as a second charged attack is effective against Rock, Ground and Water types. Trevenant can handle the likes of Swampert, Tapu Fini and Walrein.

Whale clean

Walrein possesses an ideal combination of defensive and offensive types. Water types are weak to only two types, and only one of them prevails in the Ultra League. The ice type does heavy damage to normal types including grass and dragon. While it can be tempting to run Walrein as a water-type attacker, there are better options in the format.

However, if trainers use their ice moves for offense and their water type only for defense, they can excel in the Ultra League. powder snow is an excellent ice-type quick attack that quickly fills up the charged attack meter.

Pair it with Icicle Spear to get the most out of Walrein's Ice type. Investing in a new charged move such as Earthquake can be beneficial, allowing it to deal with stone and electric types that can give it trouble, as well as many steel types.


Obstagoon from the Galar region may surprise many as an Ultra League pick, but its wide range of attacks make it a strong option to take on almost any Pokemon. With an impressively fast attack, Counter, Obstagoon can take on the likes of Steel, Rock and Dark.

If you face Registeel or Melmetal, Obstagoon with Counter can be your salvation . For the charged attack, it is recommended to invest in two moves, starting with Night Slash.

Not only does it give Obstagoon a move with STAB , but also increases the pokemon's attack after using it , even if it is blocked. Trainers can complement their moveset with Gunk Shot to take on Fairy-types or Hyper Beam for maximum damage.

Keep in mind that Hyper Beam takes some time to gather the necessary energy to use, but it will be worth it as long as you don't use it against Rock, Steel, or Ghost types.


Registeel is a popular choice in both Great League and Ultra League due to his high max CP of 2449. The optimal combination of moves for him is lock on (fast) and Flash cannon (loaded). As a steel-type Pokémon, it is resistant to most of the popular Pokemon in the Ultra League, but as a legendary Pokemon, it can be difficult to get enough candy or find one in the first place.


Giratina is a Pokémon with two forms: Origin and Altered , both suitable for use in the Ultra League. The altered form is more popular, but both are equally effective, being dragon and ghost types. Giratina can beat a lot of opposing Pokemon if it doesn't have a direct attack, and if you don't have a Giratina on your team, you'll probably have a hard time advancing in the Ultra League . The best fast moves are Shadow Claw or Dragon Claw, followed by Dragon Breath or Ancient Power as a charged move.


Regirock is a surprising pick in Ultra League, but it's still a good option. Although it is not or as strong as Registeel, regirock can cause problems for some Pokémon. He has a mountain-type solid on offense that deals massive damage to Flying-, Fire-, Bug-, and Ice-type Pokémon. Lock On is an excellent fast attack, just like Registeel. Stone Edge is Regirock's main STAB attack , capable of breaking through Walrein and dealing neutral damage to anything that isn't steel or earth. Focus Blast offers more coverage and allows it to deal with Steel and Dark types.


Cresselia is one of the biggest legendaries in pokemon go , which makes her ideal for facing other legendaries in the Ultra League. Her Psychic type is only weak to Bug, Dark, and Ghost types, with Giratina being her only real threat. However, the psychic type has a way of countering that. Psycho Cut is the best quick attack to gather energy faster in Cresselia, while Aurora Beam is an ice attack that hits Dragon types. moonblast it's also a powerful attack that damages Dragon-types and all Dark-types the opposing team can use.


Swampert is one of the most popular Pokémon in the Ultra League due to his solid performance and moves . Although it is not a legendary, it is one of the best Pokemon to use in Ultra League and you will encounter it often, so including it in your team would be a good idea.

mud shot It's not a particularly powerful fast attack, but it's the fastest energy generator, making it the best option. Hydrocannon is the best option for the charged move if you got it during Mudkip's Community Day or used an Elite Charged TM, otherwise Earthquake It is a good choice. Sludge Wave can also be considered to counter Grass types, which is Swampert's only weakness.


Scrafty is a unique Pokémon with a type that offers cover and firepower for certain teams in the Ultra League. With strong fighting moves against almost any Pokémon, Scrafty can help deal with hard-to-defeat Steel-types. Consider using Counter as a quick attack and combine it with Power-up punch to increase Scrafty's attack stats and be ready to take down any opponent. Fulspill , a Charged Dark attack with a gauge that fills up easily, is useful against Pokemon like Trevenant and Cresselia.


Normal-type Pokémon are usually not a good choice due to their weakness to many other types and their vulnerability to Fighting-types. Currently, however, the Ultra League meta does not contain any Fighting-type Pokemon, making Snorlax an excellent choice due to its high defensive stats and the presence of Outrage as one of its charged moves .

If you have Outrage, it is one of the most effective counters to Giratina. Combined with Lick as your fast attack, Snorlax becomes an unstoppable force. If you have two charged moves, choose between Earthquake or Body Slam for the second.

Train kiss

Togekiss is a safe Pokemon in the Ultra League due to the lack of strong Pokemon in the current meta. Although the steel and poison types can be a hindrance to Togekiss, it is only necessary to worry about Registeel or Melmetal . Togekiss's fast attack, Charm , it is effective against Dragon types like Giratina, and Ancient Power, Flamethrower or both, they are the best options for charged attacks.


Charizard is a popular Pokemon among fans, but it hasn't seen much use in PvP until now. Experienced players should have enough charmander candies to enhance it, and they should use them to get the quick move Fire Spin and the charged move Overheat. Unless you already have Blast Burn from a common day, then that's by far the best option for Charizard.

Alola Muk

A powerful counter to Giratina is Alolan Muk. However, getting the Dark Pulse Charged Move is crucial, as it is the strongest Dark-type Charged Attack available and the only non-Poison-type Alolan Muk can learn. For significant energy gains, choose Snack as you move quickly.

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