Best Forsaken Spells: How Do They Work?

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Best Forsaken Spells: How Do They Work?

There has been a lot of talk about the magic and forsaken spells . One of the big selling points of the developer Luminous Productions and the editor Square Enix , it is the large number of spells in the game and the potential combinations between them all, and although it is not bad that there are so many spells and these can be combined into so many different ones. Next, we'll talk about the best spells and how they work.

magical types

It is worth noting that there are magical specific colors (purple, red, blue and green) that work in the same way but have specific elemental associations. Beyond that, there are actually four different types of magic . magic of attack , support , wave and utility . All four are essential to playing unspoken , although attack and utility , especially the magical parkour , are easily the most necessary magic types in the game.

attack magic

La attack magic is basically the normal spells that do direct damage. Each color/type of magic you have a couple of these, and different levels can be upgraded for different effects. in the PlayStation 5 controller, these are used by pressing the R2 button , while R1 allows players to classify different attack magic options based on the current color/type they are using.

support magic

Let support magic It's exactly what it sounds like on the tin: support. It's not as directly impactful and damaging as attack magic, but it often manipulates the environment in such a way as to favor Frey and can do things like cure status ailments or bind enemies. Support magic is used with the L2 button on the PlayStation 5 controller and L1 brings up the menu.

Unlike attack magic, multiple support magic spells can be used in tandem . Each spell has a specific cooldown, but nothing prevents you from cycling through all available support spells as you please. There's even an accessibility option to do it automatically. In the magic menu these are indicated by a double circle pattern.

wave magic

Let augmenting magic be limited to a single spell per color/type, and these recharge over time depending on how you use your other spells. When fully charged, you can release the selected surge magic with L2+R2 on the PS5 controller.

These can be upgraded and usually do a huge amount of damage in a specific area, making positioning incredibly important. In the magic menu these are indicated by a double circle pattern with four twists on the diagonals.

utility magic

For lack of a better general term, tool magic encompasses anything that is not the above. It includes, but is not limited to, magic for parkour, crafting, and switching between spell sets . Each color/type of magic includes a handful of the above. Parkour spells are often necessary and sometimes unavoidable, while everything else is… well, neither.

In the magic menu these are indicated by a diamond pattern for parkour and a shield-like pattern for crafting.

How to unlock spells in Forspoken

There are actually three ways to unlock spells . The first and most obvious is through the use of mana , a resource that can be obtained by leveling up with xp or simply finding mana pools scattered across the landscape and walking through them. Many spells can be unlocked or upgraded simply by accumulating enough mana.

The other way to actively unlock new spells is to find various sources of blessings on the map . Beyond finding them on the map, there's really not much more to it, and many of them unlock various utility spells with a focus on crafting and parkour.

The last method of unlocking spells is also the easiest: story progression . As you progress through the story, certain specific spells will be instantly unlocked, as well as access to full colors/types of spells.

The best spells

With the exception of magical parkour spells, some of which are automatically unlocked and basically required to complete the game, much of Frey's arsenal is unlocked so late that basic abilities are really all you need.

burst of gunfire

While technically one of the auto-locked spells from the start, upgraded versions of Burst Shot are incredibly useful. While I often found myself using Scatter shot by default against regular enemies, the enhanced abilities of Burst Shot were a boon against more powerful bosses and enemies, allowing me to charge quickly and dish out massive damage at once as the name suggests .


This kind of support magic might not seem that important at first – summoning two fiery helpers is pretty boring, right? – but the usefulness cannot be overestimated. While they won't do much damage, these summoned friends will distract many enemies and last for quite a while. Any hit that doesn't land on Frey is good, and while her damage output isn't amazing, it's nothing.


While magnification magic is dependent on positioning, cataract is the easiest to get the most out of . Additionally, by sucking multiple enemies into a whirlpool, Frey can focus his fire regardless of what spells players choose to use as follow-ups.

green magic spells

The enhanced version of this green magic spell is one of my favorites. using other green magic spells to mark a group of enemies and then shooting, which searches for all those marks, is extremely satisfying. It's not going to be a spell anyone uses all the time, but when you're meeting a large audience it's invaluable.

Arc Slice

Much of what Frey can do is necessarily from a distance, but many combatants want to get close to the personality. That's why the improved version of Arc Slice , which produces a sword of fire that spins (as the name suggests) in a giant arc around you, is incredibly useful. It's not going to do much against, say, flying enemies, but it will easily prevent them from surrounding you.

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