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Atomic Heart: gameplay, story and minimum game requirements

Atomic Heart is an action FPS shooter set in an alternate Soviet Union taken over by runaway robots . The title, produced by Mundfish and published by Focus Entertainment, had first been revealed in 2018 , and for a long time it was unknown if it would actually be released. However, after delays, Atomic Heart is coming today, February 21, to PlayStation 5 (PS5), PlayStation 4 (PS4), Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S and Xbox One (it will be included in Game Pass) and PC (Steam).

The game will also be available in Gold and Premium editions on all platforms. The first includes weapon skins and the Atomic Pass, which gives access to four upcoming DLCs. The premium version includes all gold content, additional shells for the Zvezdochka and AK weapons, as well as a digital game art book. See below for more information on the title.

The story of Atomic Heart

In an alternate version of the post-World War II Soviet Union in 1955, a utopia was achieved through the use of robots and artificial intelligence. In this reality, it freed the population from the need to work and allowed humanity to focus on science and art.

However, there is a sabotage during an update to the Kollectiv 2.0 artificial intelligence program that turns all robots into killing machines. In the role of a veteran, Major Sergei Nechaev, codenamed P-3, the player must fight the robots, investigate and find a way to shut down the system.

How to play Atomic Heart

In Atomic Heart, players have a great semi-open world to explore . There are large areas that can be explored on foot or by car, but without the full freedom to go in both directions like in Fallout 4 or Far Cry 6. Along your path will be killer robots, mutated creatures and more enemies. who will try to stop your progress. Everyone is connected to an intelligence network that must be eliminated.

Just by defeating the enemies, without destroying a plant, other robots will come to fix them later, so the player must be strategic to deal with this reality. Scattered around the world, there are also researchers who offer puzzle challenges and endurance arenas.

Some users believe that Atomic Heart presents Russian propaganda and should be boycotted due to the war between Russia and Ukraine.

To deal with threats, the game offers several different weapons, from versions of real weapons such as the AK-47 guns and a grenade launcher to experimental weapons such as a rifle that fires electrical pulses. In addition to weapons, Major P-3 Den is also equipped with an experimental gauntlet called CHAR-les that grants special abilities such as scanning environments, hacking robots and launching electricity, freeze or telekinetic attacks.

Although there's a heavy focus on action, Ammo in Atomic Heart is a scarce resource and you'll need to be resourceful to defend yourself . It is possible to use his telekinesis ability to check multiple locations at once. When there is no more ammo, the player will have a reliable ax available to deal with melee enemies.

Controversy surrounding Atomic Heart

Some players have called for a boycott of Atomic Heart, similar to what happened with Hogwarts' legacy. The community claims that the game contains Russian and Soviet propaganda amid a sensitive period since the Russian-Ukrainian war. The Mundfish studio issued a statement on its Twitter account saying it is "a global team" and that it is a "pro-peace organization against violence against people", but does not comment on politics.

There are claims that the study is actually a Russian company trying to avoid negative consequences , since a few years ago his office was in Moscow. Other users pointed out problems with the investors behind the game, which may include companies linked to Russia. It is worth mentioning that the game will be released on the VK Play platform in Russia, where PlayStation, Xbox and Steam no longer sell their games as a way of protesting the war.

Atomic heart requirements

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