Apple may launch a new version of AirTag next year with the aim of making it open to spatial computing

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Apple may launch a new version of AirTag next year with the aim of making it open to spatial computing

Apple is working on a new version of AirTag, but it's too early to draw launch dates. Apple's item tracking accessory is quite useful while you're traveling, allowing you to keep track of your luggage. You can also attach an AirTag to your personal belongings in case it gets lost. It is now being reported that Apple is working on a new version of AirTag that will integrate better with Apple's spatial computing Vision Pro headset. The accessory is expected to enter mass production in the last quarter of next year.

Apple will potentially launch a new AirTag with Vision Pro integration and spatial computing

From finding restaurant mascots to a magician's bag, AirTag has helped many individuals on a global scale. However, the company aims to further improve functionality and offer new use cases for different scenarios. The news was shared by prominent analyst Ming-Chi Kuo , suggesting that Apple's new AirTag will have improved integration capabilities with Vision Pro.

Apple is gradually expanding its efforts in spatial computing, and is now designing features and products that will compliment the segment. For example, Apple showed on stage how the Vision Pro can be used as a continuity device with the MacBook. The moment you put on the Vision Pro headset, you're redirected to the task you left behind on your MacBook. The process is seamless and makes the Vision Pro a worthy productivity machine. The new AirTag will come with features that can offer a similar concept.

Although the analyst hasn't shared intrinsic details about the use cases, Kuo mentions that Apple's Vision Pro will integrate with the new AirTag. We suspect that the AirTag will work with the Vision Pro headset to locate the lost item in a more immersive way, providing directions in augmented reality and distance. However, nothing can be said for sure at this stage, as the final work lies with Apple and whether it is actually working on a second-generation AirTag.

There are various reasons why Apple will build products around Vision Pro in the future. The company believes that spatial computing is potentially the future, and it would be wise to develop products that do not cannibalize but complement each other for maximum sales. Ultimately, the company further strengthens its walled garden with an ecosystem that works well against its competitors.

As mentioned earlier, Apple will launch the second-generation AirTag in the last quarter of 2024, according to Kuo. What this means is that there is time for the company to develop use cases and new features that work better on Vision Pro as well as the existing product range. Furthermore, it is also unclear whether the company will be looking to change the design of AirTag. We'll keep you updated on the latest, so be sure to join.

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