Apple launches new visionOS Beta – here's why it's hugely important to the Vision Pro launch

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Apple launches new visionOS Beta – here's why it's hugely important to the Vision Pro launch

Today, Apple has set out to release iOS 17, watchOS 10 and a host of other beta updates for developers to test out the new features. Alongside, the company has also seen fit to release the second beta version of its upcoming visionOS platform for Apple Vision Pro. The company also recently announced that it will send out Vision Pro kits to developers so they can test out the new firmware and report changes and issues.

Apple has released beta 2 of visionOS to developers for testing purposes ahead of Vision Pro developer kits

Apple has already seeded the first beta of visionOS to developers for testing purposes. But since developers don't have a device to test it on, the SDK can only be accessed through Xcode in a virtual setting. The latest visionOS beta 2 arrives almost a month after the original beta. When developers receive the Vision Pro developer kits, we will discover additional information related to the headset.

There are two possible reasons for releasing the visionOS beta at this stage before the headset goes on sale early next year. The company wants developers to cure and report bugs and issues found in the visonOS operating system. visionOS will rest in beta for at least six months to nine months before the headset is released. This will give developers plenty of time to spot bugs and report issues.

Another reason a developer beta is necessary is to develop the right use cases for Vision Pro. It was recently covered that developers have huge importance at this stage of developing applications that can mark the success of the headset. It remains to be seen how the market will react to Apple's $3,499 augmented reality headset, given how there are cheaper options available on the market.

The company has already started accepting applications from developers to test the new developer kits for Vision Pro. Once released, the kits will potentially run on Apple's developer beta of visionOS. Developers will continue testing the beta until the headset goes on sale next year. The company hasn't given us an exact launch date for the product, but we suspect it will arrive at the company's spring event.

Apple is also working on budget variants of the Vision Pro, but it will be years before a cheaper version is available. Furthermore, it is not yet clear whether the budget variant will have a competitive price tag. We'll share more details about what's new in the latest visionOS beta as soon as the developers finish tinkering with the latest build.

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