AMD confirms next-generation Instinct MI400 series AI accelerators already in the works

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AMD confirms next-generation Instinct MI400 series AI accelerators already in the works

AMD aims to take an aggressive approach in the AI industry as it reveals its plans for its next-generation MI400 Instinct AI accelerators.

AMD Aims to Enhance Its Software Platform to Provide Enhanced Support for Generative AI Applications, Confirms Next-Gen Instinct MI400 Accelerators

AMD has formally confirmed its intentions to develop the "MI400" Instinct series. This confirmation comes as no surprise since Lenovo's VP has already confirmed the existence of next-generation accelerators on AMD's agenda.

During the company's recent Q2 earnings call, CEO Lisa Su hinted at future Instinct MI400 AI accelerators, without revealing any details, thus creating a cliffhanger. But just like the MI300 series, the MI400 accelerators will also come in a variety of configurations.

When you look at these workloads and the investments that we're making, not only today, but going forward with our next-generation MI400 series and so on and so forth, we definitely think we have a very competitive and capable hardware roadmap. I think the discussion about AMD, frankly, has always been about the software roadmap, and we're seeing quite a bit of a change here on the software side.

Dr. Lisa Su (AMD CEO)

The CEO's statement mentions the fact that the Instinct series is well equipped in the hardware department, offering the best specifications. However, AMD is perceived to be lacking in software development, which includes extensive support for generative AI applications. NVIDIA has been at the forefront for now, introducing features like "NVIDIA ACE" and "DLSDR". AMD plans to improve things on the software side, therefore we may see major changes introduced by AMD, which will hopefully elevate the Instinct platform.

As previously discussed, aside from the next-generation MI400 Instinct series, AMD also revealed plans for the development of "cut-down" MI300 variants for Chinese markets in an effort to comply with US trade policies. Although the exact specifications are not yet certain, we believe that Team Red will adopt a similar approach taken by NVIDIA with their "H800 and A800" GPUs.

NVIDIA has largely exploited the AI "gold mine", reaching huge levels of sales and demand. Competitors like Intel and AMD have been latecomers, but they can give tough competition given the fact that they offer better performance and value on board.

AMD Radeon Instinct accelerators

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