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All weapons from The Last of Us

No The Last of Us Part 2 , all weapons and equipment are essential for survival and it is important to know their location and use. The list includes weapons, other holsters, special bombs, and recipes for crafting weapons. You can find these items in various places throughout the adventure, but this guide covers the first places you can get them.

You should also note that there is a spoiler marked in the middle of the guide. To avoid unexpected spoilers, review this list weapon by weapon.

The Last of Us: All Weapons

pump shotgun

You will explore downtown and you will find yourself at the corner of James Street and 6th Avenue. There you will find a bench, but first you have to fight your way through some rubble to get inside. Once inside, you must deal with various infected, including clickers and runners, to reach the vault. Search inside the corpse for the vault code (which is 60-23-06) and open it . Inside, you'll find a pump-action shotgun held by a corpse as you open it, as well as Drake's ring from Uncharted in one of the lockboxes, which will trigger a trophy.

Overwhelming bomb

When looking for gas, you'll find a Phaedra Dome Building . Look for the red "fuel delivery" sign. When you see her, go through the door next to it and immediately turn right. At the top of the stairs in the watchtower, you'll find an overpowering bomb that will allow you to craft more in the future.

short pistol holster

as a player in The Last of Us 2 you will find yourself in court. From there , head north until you reach a small cafeteria marked on the map with a knife and fork icon. Break the window to get in, and pause to get a trading card from the drawers.

Then go to the back to deal with an infected runner in the bathroom. After defeating him, you'll find a key in the baby changer behind Barkos pet shop. Ellie will mark the pet store on your map, so go there and use the key to access it.

Inside, go to the shop counter at the other end of the shop and pick up your new weapon holster . Note that the holsters seem to be interchangeable depending on what guns you have, so this can be a long holster if you find it after owning a shotgun.

my trap

When you get to the motel, at some point after escaping from WLF's custody, look to your right and you will find a large dumpster. Push it to the window we identified and climb up to enter. At the other end of the apartment you will find a trap mine on the bed, so you can use the recipe.

Short holster for long gun

Go left after the first encounters with the sniffer dogs and cross the buildings or the fence until you find a small garage. Move the dumpster to open the door and be ready to fight three infected. After dealing with them, you'll find a second weapon holster deep inside the safe in the garage. The code for the safe is at the back of the bar across the street, or it's 30-82-65.


Al Hillcrest Chapter Ending, you will meet an infected and bow. It's a script sequence so you can't miss it, but you'll also be able to try it on some targets.

We won't tell you why here, but it's very difficult to talk about the relevant events of The Last of Us 2 from this point on without giving away spoilers (although if you've reached that point in the game, you'll be fine).

Home boom

When you are in the hardware store you will notice that there are materials on a cart that can be used to make a pipe bomb. It's an important moment in the story that you can't miss, and it will unlock the recipe in the future.

Hunting gun

When you leave the boat shop, go down from the roof and you will see a smaller building next to a larger one. At the very least, you will find a note confirming a secure code as "The big win", but first you must write down the lottery ticket on the wall for the same numbers (17-38-07). Once you have it, go to the larger building outside through a crack in the wall next to some pallets on the left. Use the safe to get a hunting gun and you'll also find another coin for Abby's collection there.


When you get to the street in the picture, you will find the shotgun in the antique shop on the right. Unfortunately you have to go through the shop called Ruby Dragon on the left to get there. Go up the stairs and sneak past two clickers before jumping across the street. When you land in the shop, you will be attacked by a runner. Once you figure that out, go behind the counter to find the shotgun. Once you have it, two other runners will attack you, giving you ample opportunity to try it out.

Short weapon holster 2

Shortly after grabbing the shotgun, when you get to the van that is a shrine to the Seraphim, enter the building on the immediate right. In the back room you will find a long pistol holster on a table.

long gun holster

Once you've made sure that Lev and Yara are safe from the Seraphites and infected, you can go to the next building. In the room you have to go up to to jump through the upper window, you will find the long pistol holster.


When you get to the ferry after Abby fell into the water from the road , you'll get the crossbow as part of a scripted event when you go to the top level.


After falling from the Sky bridge next to Lev and making sure you have a gas mask, look for the flamethrower on a couch at the bottom of the hotel as you descend through it. However, in one of your games it may also appear in the bathroom , so be sure to check it out.

machine gun with silencer

When you go to Santa Barbara and meet the rattlers faction, the machine gun is a story you shouldn't miss. It's the only weapon you can't upgrade, but it's probably nothing you'll want to change.

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