All the weapons of Final Fantasy XVI

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All the weapons of Final Fantasy XVI

All the weapons of Final Fantasy XVI. Weapons have always been a central part of the Final Fantasy saga, with legendary weapons such as Ragnarok and Excalibur appearing in numerous editions over the years. Final Fantasy XVI is no slouch in this regard, with over 20 different swords that players can forge and strengthen during their journey through Valisthean.

Those looking to collect all of Clive's weapons in Final Fantasy XVI will have to work hard. , as several of them can only be crafted after collecting the necessary components, some of which involve challenging encounters with mini-bosses. Upgrading each weapon can be equally challenging, but the rewards for doing so can make the effort worthwhile for the player.

All Final Fantasy XVI weapons and how to get them

Final Fantasy XVI offers an infinite number of weapons that Clive can use to destroy your opponents . Some are emblematic weapons from the old parts of the saga, while others are completely new and exclusive to Final Fantasy XVI. . Here we present a list of all the weapons you can find in Final Fantasy XVI.

List of all weapons in Final Fantasy XVI

They make up all the weapons available in Final Fantasy XVI. Most of them are acquired through the main plot, so you don't need to actively search for them. . Just remember to visit the blacksmith regularly after the main quests to optimize your weapons. Don't forget to check out how to get orichalcum in Final Fantasy XVI, an essential component for crafting some of the most powerful weapons in the game.

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