All Stimulant Vials in Star Wars Jedi: Survivor

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All Stimulant Vials in Star Wars Jedi: Survivor

All Stimulant Vials in Star Wars Jedi: Survivor. There are various stimulating items scattered throughout the galaxy in Star Wars Jedi Survivor, each of which provides additional healing . These items are extremely useful, although some are hidden and require specific Star Wars Jedi Survivor skills, Force powers, and equipment to access.

Most of these add-ons are hard to find or are protected behind challenges that you have to clear first. I've discovered 10 Jedi Survivor voices so far, which means you can hit a total of 12 if you track them down and add them to the two you start the game with. These stimuli provide a great advantage during difficult boss fights. , and generally it is a pleasure to have them at your disposal.

It is also relevant to highlight the abandoned cabin in Star Wars Jedi Survivor at the moment. You go there to get a stimuli according to this guide, but also once you've unlocked the Force Pick Up and Strike ability, you'll be able to access the underground caves. . There you'll find an upgrade for the BD-1 that will flag every undiscovered crate, another upgrade for the BD-1, and most importantly, additional boosts on the Star Wars Jedi Survivor map. .

All Stimulant Vials in Star Wars Jedi: Survivor

Vials of stimulants on Coruscant

  • meat processor : From the meditation site known as Meat Processor, you will be able to see a wall that you can jump over to reach a raised area, glowing in reddish tones , where you will find a challenging droid and a container of valuable stimuli .

Vials with stimulants in Koboh

  • dressage shop : If you have 10 priority fragments, you can use the enigmatic secret code of Star Wars Jedi Survivor in Doma Market to reveal the sealed door and discover a valuable token inside .
  • Basalt Crack : Continue ascending from the meditation point in the Basalt Rift (you'll see a wall collapse if it hasn't already). Use the glass wall to get through the blocked path and you'll reach an area where you'll find a brown wampa/mogu. Eliminate it and then through the wall , reach the vines and access a higher area. Follow the path until you look down where you came in, spot the stimulus .
  • abandoned cabin : You will come across the abandoned cabin as an exciting rumor to investigate in Foothill Falls. If you've unlocked the ability to ride Nekkos, you can find one in a cave by looking up at the cliff and following the path to the right. Use it to jump against the wall and reach the mine dispenser at the top. Let a mine follow you to the edge, then from the roof of the cabin, catch it skillfully, drop into the hole and use it to open the door.
  • abandoned dam : You need the ability to lift and strike power for this task. From the meditation point to the abandoned dam, move towards the impressive creature discovered and take the right path, past the huge round red machinery and a yellow tower. Follow the path that includes a descent, a vine-covered wall and a rope that will lead you to the top of the yellow tower, where you can activate a short rewind mechanism. Use the power lift to raise the door, and there you'll find the container of stimulants , guarded by an epic fight against two Gorocco bosses.
  • slimy swamp : You need the Air Dash and Force Lift skills for this task. Head towards the Gorge Crash Site Meditation Point and look for a yellow colored door that you can open using the Force Lift. This will take you to a yellow elevator which you can also activate and which acts as a shortcut back to the Slimy Swamp . Look to the left at the bottom and you'll notice a series of pillars that you can pull out of the tar with Force Lift. Pick them up and jump between them to reach an area where you'll find a Force echo, from where you'll overlook a large room with a container of stimulants and an epic fight against two Mogu bosses.

  • Koboh Observatory : In the lower structure of the observatory, you will see a half-open door that you can go through just after activating a shortcut using an elevator. Inside you will find a dispenser with floating platforms : use it to reach the upper level of the structure and there you will meet some stormtroopers and a power-up .

Vials of stimulants in Jedha

  • Hidden Refuge : After the confrontation with the AT-ST , a scene will trigger next to Merrin. When you're done, just follow it to get a power-up .
  • Initial Path Shrine : Navigate to the meditation site in Uhrma's Crypt , go straight through the small door and continue up the stairs. Once through the door, turn right again. Follow that path until you reach another path that leads to the crypts. Inside you will find an impressive double door with four huge bolts on each side. , which you can extract using Force of Attraction. Pull the two lower center bolts and the two upper outer bolts to open it. With the door ready, you will discover the stimulant within you. .

Stim ampoules in broken moon

  • abandoned foundry : Once you've reached the Automated Forge meditation point, you'll climb up some electrified walls and ceilings, then slide down a rope and through an imposing circular building with a bright orange floor. As you progress, you'll notice a platform you can step down to enter . Once there, use the ascent cable to reach an electrified rope slide at the top, which will lead you to the exciting .
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