All of Odin's abilities in Final Fantasy XVI

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All of Odin's abilities in Final Fantasy XVI

All of Odin's abilities in Final Fantasy XVI . The battle system in Final Fantasy 16 has arguably received as favorable a reception as some of the most acclaimed installments in the series. This has a lot to do with the variety of enemies to face, the more dynamic gameplay and the different modes available. Despite this , the eight eicons and their eiconic abilities play a role that can be considered the most essential .

As players progress through the story, they unlock eight Eikons, each granting five abilities (with the exception of Ifrit). They can be equipped with three Eikons and three abilities for each (two standard and one basic/feat) at any time. Of these , Odin, the Eikon of Darkness, is unlocked when players complete The Last King quest . While the accompanying abilities add some variety to the playstyle, they also introduce some limitations that can be crucial.

All of Odin's abilities in Final Fantasy XVI

The Eicon and its dominant are of fundamental importance in the current title, and Odin's abilities are made even more exciting by his signature weapon, the Zantetsuken, and his loyal steed Sleipnir. Course.

  • Gungnir

With this ability, players summon the legendary spear and unleash a series of attacks in Final Fantasy 16. . Once achieved, they can spend 625 skill points (AP) to power her up and speed up the sequence of attacks, and then 1000 AP to overpower her, making her available to other Eikons as well.

The main downside is that using this Eikonic ability does not increase the Limit Rest bar, which can be a deal breaker for many. In addition, it includes 1 point in Attack and 2 in Stagger, which justifies why this particular move of Odin is not the most popular. Although the impact damage is low, Gungnir can tip the balance since the number of hits is significant . In addition, the storm of attacks allows you to interrupt the enemy. It also improves the level of the Zantetsuken, albeit at a slightly slower rate. .

  • dark sable

Despite being Odin's primary eiconic ability, Arm of Darkness fails to stand out as the most profitable of the five available. It has 4 points in Attack and 1 in Stun , and uses Eikon of Darkness's blade to replace Clive's when activated. The limitation is that the general attack itself does very little damage, making it hard to recommend. The fact that it cannot be used with Cooldown Limit is another negative that players must consider before picking it up in Final Fantasy 16.

Since there is no intermediate upgrade, players can directly choose to master this ability and add the fifth level of the Zantetsuken. , which is naturally most harmful. This costs 5000 AP, which is quite a substantial amount, although it will be in the later stages of the game when players unlock Odin.

  • steel martyrdom

It's an ability that allows Clive to move with agility around the battlefield. . This gives him the ability to deal significant damage in a short amount of time, while keeping him fast enough to avoid attacks. Although the damage per hit is relatively low at 1 attack and 2 delays, this Eikonic ability easily makes up for this shortcoming. Landing multiple hits becomes quite easy when you're surrounded by creatures , which is especially useful since each hit increases the Zantetsuken's level by a noticeable amount .

Since this ability can be sustained for a long time if players keep winning hits, it stands out as one of Odin's best crowd control moves in Final Fantasy 16 . However, those players who are not very familiar with the plot may find it a bit difficult to maximize its potential, as landing every hit can be quite difficult. Players can power up this Eikonic ability by investing 575 AP, which extends the length of the attack chain. Later, they can allocate 1000 AP to master it and thus make it available to other Eikons as well.

  • shadowy spell

It is an Eikon ability of Odin that, like Fire Eikon's Cooldown Limit, Ifrit, does no damage by itself. . However, by the same token, it improves the combat experience of the players. Basically, this ability allows players to cancel the animation of any action they've started if they want to. , which can be quite challenging as some animations are quite long and leave Clive in a vulnerable position in Final Fantasy 16.

The main advantage of this ability is that when activated, it temporarily reduces the time. , allowing players to efficiently start their next chain of combos without missing a beat. When empowered with 700 AP, the slow's duration is extended and a 50% reduction is added to the skill's cooldown. This makes it even more useful during battles, and it's also more frequently available. While it takes considerable skill to take full advantage of this ability, its impact cannot be overstated. Once obtained for 100 AP and boosted for 700 AP, it costs 1000 AP to master. , and then it will also be available to the other Eikons.

  • dance of darkness

Dance of Darkness, an Eikon ability of Odin, is arguably the best asset this Eikon can provide in Final Fantasy 16. . His main rival would be Shadowy Charm, which gives highly skilled players the ability to chain combos more effectively. However , the real benefit of equipping this Eikon is the ability to use the Zantetsuken, and all the skills mentioned above contribute to your stack instead of the Rest bar limit.

Upon activation, Dance of Darkness summons another blade and unleashes a fury of attacks on Clive. . Each hit deals significant damage, allowing players to focus on a single enemy or easily move between multiple ones. The highlight is that it fills the Zantetsuken level at an impressive speed. This special attack from Odin deals colossal damage at every level , and maxes out at 5. Therefore, the ability that fills up the bar the fastest, while also adding high damage on its own, can certainly be considered top tier.

It's important to remember that Dance of Darkness surpasses Eikonic's core ability, Arm of Darkness, when it comes to ability point (AP) cost. The initial acquisition of the skill is priced at 1845 AP, and the upgrade reaches a remarkable 2420 AP. While the upgrade increases the number of hits you can land afterward, the cost can be daunting. This aspect is further highlighted when it comes to Mastery, which costs 4250 AP, making it available to other Eikons in Final Fantasy 16.

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