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All Hogwarts secrets in Hogwarts' Legacy

All Hogwarts secrets in Hogwarts' Legacy. Hogwarts is home to three hidden mysteries that you can solve for valuable rewards , such as legendary equipment, wand decorations, field guide pages, and even spells. You've probably stumbled across these puzzles before, though the process to solve them is often intricate, requiring multiple steps, special spells, completing side quests, and more.

This detailed guide to all the Hogwarts secrets in Hogwarts Legacy will give you all the knowledge you need to overcome the challenge of Hogwarts secrets.

All Hogwarts secrets in Hogwarts' Legacy: How to find them and solution

How to solve the mystery behind the viaduct in Hogwarts' Legacy

Under the impressive viaduct bridge that connects the library annex to the great hall and entrance, you will find two chests waiting to be unlocked. . But to reveal this Hogwarts secret, you must master the fire spell.

On the large bridge, you will notice the presence of four huge furnaces , one of which is on fire. Each has a prominent symbol and Roman numeral that you can change by interacting with the burner.

On the northwest side of the library annex, examine the floor carefully to find the solution to the puzzle . You will find the four symbols of the burners represented next to their respective Roman numerals. This will be your guide. You must approach each burner and manipulate it until it displays the correct number , which is only activated after you light it with the fire spell.

  • East Brazier – 1
  • West Brazier – 2nd
  • South Brazier – 3
  • North Brazier – 4

When all the numbers are in place and the burners are lit accordingly, the riddle on the ground will be revealed and it will lead to a hidden staircase under the bridge. you will descend and you will discover a series of chests with treasures inside , including a unique wand, a special spell and a legendary chest.

How to solve the mystery behind the clock tower in Hogwarts' legacy

Spell Requirements: Alohomora and Glasius or Momentum Arrest.

To solve the riddle of the pendulum in Hogwarts' clock tower, you must first have completed the main story quest "The Warden's Lunar Lament" and the side quest "Mrs. Kogawa's order 1”. These quests will give you the necessary spells to complete the puzzle.

Once you've unlocked the spells, head to the south wing and head towards the Clock Tower Courtyard, where you'll find a flu llama. .

In this place you will come across an impressive pendulum swinging from one side to the other. On the pendulum you will see four different symbols:

Each of these symbols will provide access to a door containing a valuable prize. After opening all four doors, you will have completed the Hogwarts mystery. .

Using Glasius or Momentum Arrest, stop the pendulum at the Unicorn symbol , and you'll notice that the previously locked door in the southeast corner is now free.

Enter the newly opened room and you will discover a chest containing a spell. .

Once you've unlocked the Unicorn door, go through the courtyard and unlock the nearby door with a key using Alohomora. . Go up the stairs until you reach the wooden beams.

Here it will be convenient to stop the pendulum at the owl symbol and then go left, where you will find the door corresponding to the owl symbol.

Before entering, be sure to use Disillusion, as you will come across a chest that you can open with your eyes .

To find the door with the symbol of two dragons, go up to the top floor. Here you must stop the pendulum on the symbol of the two dragons .

Now, when he's immobilized, go right and go down the small stairs. There you will find that the door with the symbol of two dragons is open; inside you will find a chest containing a spell recipe .

Last but not least, it's time to unveil the final door. To clear it, stay on the same level as Gate 3 and keep stopping the pendulum above the scarab symbol .

Once immobilized, use the ladder nearby and continue about halfway, where you'll find a brown door. Go through this door and you will notice that the scarab symbol door is now open .

Once inside, you'll not only unlock Hogwarts' Secret Challenge, but also a legendary chest .

How to solve the secret passkey in Hogwarts Legacy

After completing the main quest called "The Trial of Niamh Fitzgerald", you will gain access to the Headmaster's Office , located above the trophy room.

From the principal's office, look for the door next to the desk with a telescope next to it. On that desk, you'll discover a chest containing a wand handle. .

Use the Alohomora spell, unlock the level 2 lock and continue up the stairs. . At the top you will come across another locked door, this time level 3.

Opening the door will reveal a room with a key on the desk. Pick it up.

When you enter the room, you'll also unlock a room with a trophy in sight .

Using the key you just picked up, go back to the principal's office. and go down the spiral staircase until you reach the hallway.

Follow the corridor to the end, where you will be greeted with an impressive metal door with a lock in the middle.

When you open the door, you will discover a large wooden chest with valuable treasures. , as well as a spiral staircase that takes you to two collectible chests and a field guide page.

Hogwarts secrets rewards in Hogwarts' legacy

After clearing the secrets of Hogwarts, you get three exclusive outfits.

  • The first reward is the Cape and Tunic Set: Tailor Tailcoat (worn by Director Black).
  • The second reward is the Secret Reveal Swimsuit (worn by Director Black).
  • And finally, fashionable tunics.
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