All Hogwarts heritage plants and ingredients

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All Hogwarts heritage plants and ingredients

All plants and ingredients in the Hogwarts heritage . The fight against danger is a fundamental part of Hogwarts' heritage, as the threat lurks around every corner. During combat, you can use plants to keep your enemies at bay, but the usefulness is not limited to this. Some plants are also essential ingredients for brewing potions or crafting equipment.

If you are looking for detailed information about the plants on Hogwarts Legacy , this wiki guide will be of great help. In it you can find their names, properties and uses, as well as the necessary requirements to cultivate them . Don't miss your chance to make the most of these useful tools on your Hogwarts adventure.

How the plants work in Hogwarts' legacy

At Hogwarts, plants have several uses, but their main function is to serve as ingredients for brewing potions or crafting higher quality equipment. You can also use them during combat encounters to keep opponents at bay.

To grow your own plants, you can take advantage of the herbal courses or make use of the Kravrommet at Hogwarts . Each plant has a real-time timer that shows how long you have to wait before you can harvest it. In addition, to improve the yield of your crops, you can purchase fertilizers from The Magic Neep shop.

All plants and seeds

Next, we present a detailed list of all plants and seeds available for purchase , along with their costs, cultivation requirements, and uses. It should be noted that all of these ingredients can be grown in the potting station located in the needs room.

Take advantage of this information to improve your herbology skills and master the art of brewing potions and crafting quality equipment!

All the ingredients for the potion

Here is a comprehensive list of all the potion ingredients you can obtain and find, along with their utility, location, and corresponding prices.


Our mandrakes are very sensitive plants that have a root that, when pulled out of the ground, emits a deafening scream capable of knocking anyone who hears it unconscious. Fortunately, the cry of a mandrake seedling causes only a mild daze. In Hogwarts Legacy, you can use these plants to incapacitate your enemies during battle.

Chinese cabbage to chew

At Hogwarts Legacy, you will have access to a plant similar to red cabbage that you can use during confrontations . This plant is thrown at your enemies and damages them.

wilted figs

In one of the Hogwarts Legacy trailers, optional companion Sebastian Swallow can be seen trying to use what appears to be a shriveled fish to undo a curse

poisonous tentacle

The leaves of the plant can be used for brewing drinks . However, in moments of danger, the spiky vines of the Venomous Tentacula can be used as a weapon to attack your enemies.

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