All Garuda Abilities in Final Fantasy XVI

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All Garuda Abilities in Final Fantasy XVI

All Garuda abilities in Final Fantasy XVI . Final Fantasy XVI offers a variety of unique abilities and powers for Clive as he ventures through Valisthea. He acquires the powers of various Eikons as he progresses through the game, one of which is Garuda, the Eikon of Wind. Players can unlock Garuda's abilities after defeating the Dominant and starting the Wings of Change main quest .

Players can only equip two of these Eikonic abilities at once, in addition to the Eikonic feat, Alluring Claw . Therefore, understanding its strengths and limitations is crucial when deciding which skills to equip. This article will give you all the information about all Garuda abilities in Final Fantasy XVI .

All Garuda Abilities in Final Fantasy XVI

Garuda is one of the majestic spiritual entities in Final Fantasy XVI, known as Eikons. Each of these powerful beings is identified by a particular element or ability, and for Garuda it is the wind. . You will gain access to Garuda and his abilities when you defeat his Dominant and start the next main quest: Wings of Change.

This Eikon's abilities will be favored by many players who enjoy air combos , and they have a dynamic playstyle that requires you to move enemies at your convenience. This puts many of his abilities in a higher position compared to other Eikons.

How to unlock Garuda in Final Fantasy XVI

Garuda can be obtained after defeating Benedikta in the Wings of Change main quest. .

However, Eikon's abilities in the ability matrix will only be available for Clive to upgrade and use at the start of the next main mission, Wings of Change.

Garuda Abilities in Final Fantasy XVI

Garuda gives Clive a total of 5 abilities that he can acquire and use in battle. To learn and perfect all of Garuda's skills, the player must accumulate a total of 12,875 skill points. .

Remember to gain AP by equipping The Wages of Warcraft accessories and defeating Bluebirds to quickly gain AP and unlock all of Garuda's abilities!

Since Clive is not the dominant of Garuda, he does not have the ability to transform into Garuda. However, he will have access to his wind-influenced attacks after getting the essence from him.

Once you get Garuda, the abilities will be unlocked in the Ability menu. , where they will be ready to be improved. Later you can assign them to Clive and use his attacks in battles.

Garuda has some of the most prominent Eikon abilities in Final Fantasy 16. . His powers are tied to the element of wind, allowing players to experiment with both aerial and ground fighting styles. This is everything you need to know about all Garuda abilities in Final Fantasy XVI .

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