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All Chronoliths in Final Fantasy XVI

All Chronoliths in Final Fantasy XVI . On your journey through Valisthea in Final Fantasy XVI, you're sure to have found some stones in the wild that resemble the Arete Stone in The Hideaway. These monoliths are known as Chronoliths and will allow Clive to enhance the gifts of his Eikon. .

However, Valisthea is a huge territory and the task of locating the 7 chronoliths (Ifrit does not have one) corresponding to each Eikon can be complicated. Therefore, here we present a guide to all Chronoliths in Final Fantasy XVI that will make it easier for you if you find yourself confused about which route to take, what actions to take or what benefits you will get from overcoming these challenges.

All Chronoliths in Final Fantasy XVI and where to find them

The Ordeals of the Chronoliths in Final Fantasy XVI can be considered one of the most rewarding and authentic experiences in Final Fantasy XVI, condensing the essence of the game's exquisite action combat into unique and satisfying challenges. Each Chronolith trial also offers generous rewards upon completion .

The idea behind these tests is quite simple: you are tasked with applying a predefined set of abilities and skills to a single Eikon in a limited battle against the clock . Fighting against both opponents and the clock, each test tests your knowledge of the abilities of each of the equippable Eikons in FF16, as well as your combat skills.

But to tackle all the Chronolith challenges, you must first find them. In this guide, we help you with that: we describe all the locations of the Chronolith Test Stones in FF16 , which when you interact with them allow you to take on each unique combat challenge divided into four rounds.

Where to find every Chronolith in Final Fantasy XVI

Each Chronolith trial starts by interacting with a glowing stone unique to the Final Fantasy XVI universe. . This 'Chronolith Stone' will look familiar to you as it has the same design as the stone you can use in the vault to access previous stages, arcade mode and other challenges. In fact, once you've found and completed each Chronolith trial, you'll be able to replay them via that stone in the hideout.

Each stone transports you to a different realm where you will encounter four stages, each with a wave of opponents and predefined abilities for Clive. , although your equipment and level are maintained.

Like the hunting locations and orchestral scores of Final Fantasy XVI, Trials of Chronolith is spread across the four largest open-world areas that make up Valisthea, meaning none of them can be ignored.

Each trial of Chronoliths will be available as soon as you manage to access the area where it is located and the corresponding Eikon. If you come across one too soon, you simply won't be able to activate it.

All Chronolith trial locations in Final Fantasy XVI

  • Location: Greensheaves, Rosaria
  • Reward: The Favor of Fire (Flames of Rebirth)

Participants can find the Phoenix Chronolith in the Greensheaves region of Rosaria . The clearest route to get there is by fast traveling to the Obelisk at Martha's Rest and then leaving the village via the northern entrance.

  • Location: Drakos Deep, Dhalmekia
  • Reward: The Will of the Wind (Airburst)

The Garuda Chronolith is located east of the Velkroy Desert, within the Dhalmekian Republic . While it appears that access may be from the Obelisk of Echoes of Krozjit, it is more efficient for participants to fast travel to Laetny's Cleft and then head west towards Drakos Deep.

  • Location: Sanbreque, Norvent Valley
  • Reward: Lightning's Favor (Judgment Ray)

The Lamu Chronolith is located in the territory of Norvent Valley, within Sanbreque . If players have already figured it out, they should fast travel to Caer Norvent River Gate Obelisk and then head north. Otherwise, they must head towards Lostwing and continue along the path that goes south until they reach the indicated location.

  • Location: Northern Velkroy Desert, Dhalmekia
  • Reward: The Favor of the Earth (Earthen Fury)

To find the Titan Chronolith, players must fast travel to the Obelisk located in the Velkroy Desert. and then go northeast. In time, they will come across a sandstorm, and then they must continue north until they reach the area that protects the aforementioned Chronolith.

  • Location: Royal Meadows, Sanbreque
  • Reward: The Favor of Light (Gigaflare)

The Bahamut Chronolith is located overlooking the ocean in the Royal Meadows region of Sanbreque . To get there, players must exit Northreach via the north exit, then guide the Chocobo west until they can't go any further.

  • Location: The Angry Gap, Waloed
  • Reward: The Will of Ice (Diamond Dust)

The Shiva Chronolith is located in the Angry Gap region of Waloed . To get there, players must look for a path heading south on the west side of the area, which will eventually lead them into a narrow chasm between some rocks. The Chronolith can be found on the other side of this chasm, along with a treasure chest containing the Masamune Sword.

  • Location: Badbach Conservatory, Waloed
  • Reward: The Will of Darkness (Dancing Steel)

The last Chronolith of Final Fantasy XVI is located in the Badbach Conservatory region of Waloed . To get there, players must quickly transport to the Vidargraes Obelisk, then head in a southeasterly direction.

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