After 15 years we get another Mario Strikers game

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After 15 years we get another Mario Strikers game

It's been a long time since we last heard from the "Mario Strikers" series. In fact, it's been so long that you'd be forgiven for forgetting the series exists. Still, 15 years after the last "Mario Strikers" game, Nintendo is revisiting the series with a new game titled "Mario Strikers: Battle League," and it's coming to the Nintendo Switch later this year.

"Mario Strikers: Battle League" was revealed today with a lengthy announcement trailer. We're not used to announcement trailers going this deep, but this one clocks in at just under three minutes. If you've played either "Super Mario Strikers" or "Mario Strikers Charged," the animation style will be instantly familiar, as it's quite distinct.

The trailer explains that Strike is a 5v5 mode similar to soccer and mainly focuses on offense. The point, of course, is to score more goals than your opponents, and players will be able to equip the characters on their team with gear that changes a number of different stats. The trailer also breaks down Hyper Strikes, which count as two goals when scored.

"Mario Strikers: Battle League" will allow 8-player local multiplayer on a single Switch, though Nintendo didn't go into the details of how local multiplayer works in today's announcement. In addition to online matches, players will also have the option to create online clubs. Each club can have up to 20 players in it, and it sounds like the clubs will even have their own ranked ladder.

So out of nowhere we get a brand new 'Mario Strikers' game, 15 years after the last one, 'Mario Strikers Charged', launched for the Wii. We'll have more details to share when Nintendo announces them, but for now, check out the announcement trailer above. "Mario Strikers: Battle League" is heading to Nintendo Switch on June 10, 2022, with pre-orders opening today on the Switch eShop.

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